Training - General Information for Students

Ariel is making changes within our computer systems and expect to have the Training Schedule for the July through December period available around mid-May. The changes include new programs, which will make it necessary for all users to have an Ariel Member’s Only account. A Member's Only account will be required before having access to view the Ariel web site Training Schedule and to register for a training course.

Who Can Attend? What is the Cost for Training?

Ariel factory training held in Mount Vernon is restricted to Ariel distributors and industry partners who own, lease and service Ariel equipment. Students and their employer are responsible for all arrangements for transportation, rental car, hotels and meals, and all costs incurred. Students traveling by air should plan arrival at Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) one day prior to the class start date. Ariel does not charge a fee for training. Students are required to wear leather "walking" shoes or boots (note: canvas or athleltic shoes are not permitted). Steel toe footwear is required for students attending the Mechanics School and the CNG Mechanics Training courses. Seating is limited in each of our course offerings and to offer a fair participation to all customers, we ask that you register no more than two people from your company, for the same course date.

Smoking Policy

Ohio's law prohibits smoking tobacco in public places, including places of employment. Smoking is not allowed on Ariel Corporation's property, which includes company parking lots (regardless of whether you are in a personal vehicle), "recreational" areas (such as grassy areas) walkways, and roadway.  If you smoke, take a short drive in your vehicle during breaks and at lunch time. This includes electronic cigarettes.



Ariel training is available exclusively to the employees of our industry partners. Seating is limited in each of our course offerings and to offer a fair participation to all customers, we ask that you register no more than two people from your company for the same date. To submit a request to attend Ariel training,  complete the online registration form prior to the course start date and include the type of Ariel equipment that your company owns, leases, or services.  When the request is accepted, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail to the contact person whose e-mail address is indicated on the registration form. Course dates that show "Full Capacity" indicates the class is closed because it has reached capacity limit. Customers who wish to be put on a wait list are welcome to go forward and complete the form and submit. If there is a cancellation, we will fill the seat from the wait list.  The second half training schedule is expected to be released near the end of April, with course offerings for July through December.



Do you need to cancel your registration? We respectfully request that you notify our training department at least five business days prior to the course start date. This will give us an opportunity to extend the offer to a student on the wait list.

International Students

Ariel will offer a letter of invitation to international students upon request. To request the letter, complete the online registration form and at the caption choose "Yes" for a letter of invite. You are required to include your passport number, the date of issue and expiration, DNI number . A letter will be compiled and emailed to the student. Top

Hotel and Transportation Information

Hotels in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Reservations and costs are the student’s responsibility. Most hotels in Mount Vernon will offer a discount, if you mention you are attending Ariel training. The following is a list of local hotels including telephone numbers:

Holiday Inn Express (off Rt. 36-E, Mount Vernon) Book reservation online and add note in Comment box: "Ariel Corporate Rate"


The Mount Vernon Inn (601 W. High St., Mount Vernon) register at: and be sure to ask for the Ariel Corporate Rate 


Coleman Galiere Suite (218 S. Main St., Mount Vernon) ask for Ariel Corporate Rate

Comfort Inn (150 Howard St., Mount Vernon) ask for Ariel Corporate Rate 740.392.6886

Kenyon Inn (100 W. Wiggin St., Gambier, OH) send an email to: and mention within your email that you are requesting the Ariel Corporate Rate


For other lodging choices in the area, please visit:


Hotels near Port Columbus International Airport - Columbus, Ohio

Arriving to Ohio a few days early? You may want to spend time visiting the capital city! Below is a list of hotels located near the Columbus International airport. Accomodations and costs are the student's and employer's responsibility.

Hampton Inn

Embassy Suites



Staybridge Suites

Days Inn



Hilton Garden Inn

Homewood Suites by Hilton





Transportation - Ohio

Transportation and travel costs are the student's responsibility. Car rental agencies are conveniently located at on the lower level at the airport. Visit the Columbus Airport Parking & Ground Transportation web site at: 

Taxi Services:  

  • Byles Transport - email telephone 740.504.4745 Airport Service
  • Express II Fly  24/7 Airport Shuttle - email telephone 740.694.7598 Airport Service
  • KAT service - telephone 740.392.7433 Local Service in Mount Vernon
  • Madden Transportation - telephone 740.507.1391; or 740.392.0790 Local Service in Mount Vernon
  • Safe Cab - telephone 740.397.7233 Local Service in Mount Vernon Top

Driving Instuctions from Columbus Airport to Mount Vernon, Ohio

Driving Instructions (click here to view in PDF format)

• After you pass through the toll booth at the Columbus airport, bear right and take the exit I-670-East to I-270-North Cleveland.

• Travel I-270-North exit to I-71 North to Cleveland (approx. 30 miles)

• Take exit to Sunbury/Delaware, and then turn right at the traffic light onto State Route 37

• Travel State Route 37 (East), and at the intersection of State Route 36/3, turn left. Mount Vernon is 24 miles from this point. State Route 36 will bring you to the downtown public square of Mount Vernon.

• Ariel is located on the south end of town, about 3 miles from the public square, traveling on State Route 13. From Route 13 South, turn right onto State Route 661, which is also Blackjack Road. Ariel's Training Center is the first blue building on the right.   

Click on the "Driving Instructions" link above. You will find directions from the airport to Mount Vernon. Ariel Corporation located on the lower left corner of PDF format map. The map includes hotels, restaurants and other points of interest in Mount Vernon.

GPS coordinates to the Training Center, located at: 35 Blackjack Road Ext., Mount Vernon, OH:

N 40°21.487' W082°29.182  Do not rely on GPS units using this street address!

Current weather conditions in Ohio
Click on the link above to view the current weather conditions in our area.

Web Sites of Interest around Mount Vernon and Columbus, Ohio


Arrival and Departure - Location: Mount Vernon, Ohio

Mount Vernon is located approximately 50 miles northeast of Columbus, Ohio. Ariel Corporation is located approximately 3 miles south of Mount Vernon, off State Route 13. Students are responsible for all arrangements and costs for travel, rental car, meals, and lodging. Plan to arrive at your hotel on the day before the course begins. We suggest that flight arrivals and departures be made at Port Columbus International airport (CMH), Columbus. Ohio.

Training Course Start and End Days and Times:

Basic Product Training - a three-day course. The Basic course will begin at 8 am and end at 5 pm each day: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students Note: the May session will begin on Monday (instead of Tuesday).

CNG Mechanics Training - a four-day course. The CNG training will begin at 8 am and end at 5 pm each day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Protective footwear is required.

Mechanics School - a four day course. The Mechanics School will begin at 8 am and end at 5 pm each day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Protective footwear is required.

Technical School - a four and a half day course. The Technical School begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm the first four days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; and runs 8 am to 11 am on Friday. Laptop computer is used.

Process Compression School - a three and a half day course. The Process School begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm the first three days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; and runs 8 am to 11 am on Friday. Laptop computer is used.

Dress Attire and Proper Footwear Necessary

Dress for all Ariel training is casual (jeans), but full coverage leather walking shoes are required.  Canvas and athletic type shoes are not permitted. Students attending the Mechanics School and the CNG Mechanics Training are required to wear steel-toe shoes or boots. Ariel will provide safety glasses and hearing protection for all students.



Ariel provides lunch for students at our Mount Vernon, Ohio location. . If you have a special diet (diabetic, food allergies, vegetarian), please note this information in the text box on the registration form. We will be happy to accommodate your needs. Ariel will host a dinner on the first night of class for all students and instructors. If your spouse is traveling with you, we invite them to also join us!


Shipping Training Materials - Location: Mount Vernon, Ohio

We will provide boxes and labels for you to ship your training materials at the end of class. There are two options students can choose from: First Class mail from the local  U.S. Postal Office, or ship FedEx, DHL, or UPS from the local Pak Mail store. Note: have your company's shipping account number for FedEx, DHL or UPS.  Materials packed can be checked in as as extra luggage at the airport. Ariel will provide boxes and packing tape for your convenience.


PHONE: 740-397-0311  FAX: 740-397-3856