Process Compressors



Ariel's API-618 compressors are designed to meet or exceed three years uninterrupted service.

Design - Ariel's process compressors utilize field proven pre-designed components.

Low Piston Speeds - Ariel's API-618 moderate-speed compressors operate with piston speeds no greater than traditional slow-speed compressor (click here for chart)

Quality - Every compressor undergoes a four-hour run test before shipping to ensure a smooth start-up at your location. Ariel's ISO-9001:2000 program measures our success in product quality, customer satisfaction, and process control.

Proven reliability continually wins the repeat business of Ariel customers.



Ariel compressors provide the highest return on investment in a number of process applications.

  • Hydrocracking
  • Hydrodesulferization
  • Fuel Gas
  • Hydrogen Pipeline
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Ethylene
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Recycle Compression
  • Acid Gas Sweetening
  • Refining Processes
  • Chemical Processes
  • Helium
  • Helium Recovery
  • Co2
  • Co
  • Gas Purification
  • Propylene
  • Refrigeration
  • Hydrogen Make-Up And Recycle
  • Air Separation
  • Nitrogen

Case Histories

Click here for Full Size View Application: Non-lubricated Fuel Gas
Location: France
Compressor: Ariel Model JGJ-4 (3 Units)
Power: 450 BHP (335 kW)
Speed: 990 RPM
Piston Speed: 577 fpm (2.93 m/s)
Start-up Date: November 2001
Click here for Full Size View Application: Hydrogen Desulfurization
Location: Germany
Compressor: Ariel Model JGR-2
Power: 300 BHP (224 kW)
Speed: 742 RPM
Piston Speed: 526 fpm (2.67 m/s)
Start-up Date: August 1999
Click here for Full Size View Application: Non-lubricated Helium Residue
Location: U.S. (Texas)
Compressor: Ariel Model JGD-6
Power: 3000 BHP (2237 kW)
Speed: 713 RPM
Piston Speed: 654 fpm (3.3 m/s)
Start-up Date: July 2002
Click here for Full Size View Application: Lubricated Hydrogen
Location: U.S. (Louisiana)
Compressor: Ariel Model JGJ-2 (2 Units)
Power: 350 BHP (261 kW)
Speed: 1180 RPM
Piston Speed: 687 fpm (3.5 m/s)
Start-up Date: September 2000
Click here for Full Size View Application: Lubricated Hydrogen
Location: U.S. (Oklahoma)
Compressor: Ariel Model JGT-4
Power: 1100 BHP (820 kW)
Speed: 885 RPM
Piston Speed: 664 fpm (3.3 m/s)
Start-up Date: May 2002


API-618 Compliance

Ariel moderate speed compressors comply with API-618 and other typical industry standards


Product Range

Ariel has a comprehensive line of moderate-speed process compressors. No other compressor manufacturer offers as broad a range of compressor frames and cylinders as Ariel.

Ariel's large production volume allows the engineering of predesigned component options. These components are configured by Ariel's process application engineers to provide compressors designed to meet the project's unique requirements.

Ariel Frame Stroke Inch (mm) Bhp/Throw (kW/throw) Rod Load - Compression Lbf (kN)
JGA 3 (76.2) 140 (104) 11,000 (48.9)
JGJ 3.5 (88.9) 310 (231) 23,000 (102.3)
JGT 4.5 (114.3) 650 (485) 40,000(177.9)
JGK 5.5 (139.7) 635 (474) 40,000 (177.9)
JGD 5.5 (139.7) 1,035 (772) 60,000 (266.9)
JGU 5.75 (146.1) 1,300 (970) 80,000 (355.9)
KBB 7.25 (184.2) 1,667 (1,243) 100,000 (444.8)

Parts Availability

Ariel's pledge to keep the compressor running starts with a parts policy unmatched in our industry. We price all parts fairly and routinely ship them within 24 hours; even cylinder orders typically ship within one week.

Our parts and service network covers the globe. With nearly 25,000 compressors in service, you are never far from an Ariel parts supplier.



We are committed to supporting our compressors for life. If there is a problem with an Ariel compressor, we'll help you solve it – now. Ariel people are available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

Ariel Response Center (ARC) - ARC is a free phone support service. Our ARC team provides quick answers to your technical and maintenance questions.

Service and Technical Schools - Ariel's Service and Technical Schools are a free support service. Classes are held frequently throughout the year. Ariel people directly involved in the subject matter teach these courses--so you learn from the experts.

FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) - Ariel's compressor application engineers provide fast, accurate support for your feasibility studies and preproposal budget requests.

Warranty - Ariel offers the most comprehensive and generous warranty in the industry. The standard warranty covers 100% of the compressor for 12 months from start-up or 18 months from shipment. The crankshaft, connecting rods, crankcase, crossheads and crosshead guides are covered for 36 months from shipment. In addition, Ariel offers an extended warranty if 100% Ariel OEM spare parts are used. Contact Ariel for details.


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