• Genuine Ariel Parts

      Ariel is 100% committed to the design, materials and processes used to manufacture each and every part we ship - giving our compressors maximum reliability in the field year after year.

      Genuine Ariel Parts
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    Nothing works like an Ariel Compressor. Nothing is better than Genuine Ariel Parts

    At Ariel, we know compression. Since our introduction in 1966, Ariel has revolutionized the compression industry through a combination of reliability, value, and service - the very components our company was founded on.

    Simply put, Ariel compressors are proven to run longer and require less maintenance through the use of Genuine Ariel OEM Parts. As proof, Ariel will provide our customers with an extended warranty for units that continuously use and maintain 100% Ariel OEM replacement parts.



    Ariel compressors are engineered to provide reliable operation through the toughest conditions. We design and build our units to last, and our OEM replacement parts maintain the integrity of these designs.

    Replacement parts not manufactured by Ariel will not meet the specifications (including materials, design and manufacturing processes) required by Ariel. As a result, units maintained with replica parts hold a higher risk of developing equipment failure, potentially leading to costly service calls and preventable downtime.



    Genuine Ariel Parts allow our customers to operate their equipment with the original design and efficiency meant to maximize the life of their compressor. In many cases, newly enhanced components and retrofits are available to improve the efficiency of an older model.

    Ariel OEM replacement parts are designed for Ariel compressors only, and are pulled from the same manufacturing line used to build a new Ariel compressor. All Ariel manufacturing inspection standards and procedures are ISO 9001 certified. This certification is a reflection of Ariel's unwavering commitment to world-class manufacturing.



    Ariel is 100% committed to providing unrivaled customer support. We know that when our customers succeed in their business, we succeed in ours.

    No matter the issue, give us a call. Between our free, world-class customer training, Response Center Team, Parts Technicians and worldwide network of distributors, you're sure to reach someone who knows a thing or two about compression.

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    • Updates & Features

      • Enhanced Forced Feed Lubrication icon

        Enhanced Force Feed Lubrication System

        Introducing the improved high pressure force feed lubrication system from Ariel.

      • A-0661 Filter icon

        Ariel A-0661 Spin-On Filter

        Find out why using the Ariel A-0661 Spin-On filter can extend your compressor warranty from three years to six.

      • btuu icon

        BTUU Packing Rings

        Ariel's Uncut Ring Technology eliminates the leak paths of conventional segmented rings, while also generating less frictional heat, resulting in superior performance.


  • Genuine Ariel Replacement Parts

    Genuine Ariel replacement parts are engineered to the original equipment component design specifications by the original equipment manufacturer.

    Genuine Ariel Replacement Parts

    Ariel's Aftermarket Technicians are available to consult with customers to discuss the options of maintaining an on-site inventory of spare and replacement parts - helping to minimize downtime and maintain low operating costs.

    When you purchase a Genuine Ariel replacement part, you are receiving:

    • On-site availability of Genuine Ariel Parts through our worldwide distribution network
    • State-of-the-art material handling and packaging to ensure the selection and shipping of the correct part, with assured damage prevention measures
    • The ability to modernize your existing equipment without the expense of purchasing a new unit
    • Continuous innovation in part design founded on over 40 years of compressor design and manufacturing experience

  • New Unit Recommended Spares

    For our customers considering the purchase and/or installation of a new compressor, Ariel has developed Recommended Spare Parts groups.

    When you purchase a Genuine Ariel new unit recommended part, you are receiving:

    • On-site availability of Genuine Ariel Parts through our worldwide distribution network
    • Minimization of risk associated with an early unplanned outage or extended downtime due to faulty non-OEM replacement parts
    • Inclusion of spare parts cost with the initial unit order
    • Engineering analysis to support and justify new unit spare parts
    • 40+ years of product quality, manufacturing expertise and customer satisfaction as certified by the rigorous ISO 9001:2008 Standard

    New Unit Recommended Spares

    With the help of Ariel's Aftermarket Technicians, our customers can consider the future plans and associated risks surrounding their new unit installations. This leads to informed parts purchasing decisions that can save valuable time and costs throughout a compressor's lifespan.

  • Trusted Ariel Distributors

    When you choose Ariel, you are choosing a partner fully committed to meeting your needs.

    Ariel Compressors and OEM parts are marketed through a long-established network of qualified distributors and packagers. Our packagers have unmatched expertise in the compression industry, and are available to help you select the best parts and services required to maximize the life of your Ariel compressor.  

    Our packagers evaluate your application and provide you a gas compression system in accordance with design and installation requirements stated in the Ariel Packager Standards. Our Packager Standards ensure that every Ariel product is designed, manufactured, installed and maintained to meet your application and quality requirements.