Mechanics School

Ariel’s Mechanics School is a "hands-on" course for experienced operators, mechanics and service technicians who are responsible for maintaining Ariel compressors. This course is open to those students who have attended a Basic Product Training course (either at our facility or an On-Site Field Basic course taught at your location by one of our Technical Trainers). Also, this course is available to students who have scored 80% or higher on the (former) Ariel pre requisite test.

Students will perform the following hands-on exercises in Ariel’s training lab on a JGK/2 compressor:

  • Setting and checking mechanical clearances
  • Piston rod and crosshead removal and installation
  • Pressure testing lubrication divider blocks
  • Rebuilding piston rod packing cases
  • Removing and replacing crankshaft and connecting rod bearings
  • Diagnosing failed compressor valves
  • Aligning the compressor and driver shafts
  • Rebuilding a variable volume clearance pocket. 

Classroom training will include: bolting and torque, lubrication systems, failure analysis, compressor troubleshooting, start-up checklist, an overview of compressor bearings, and an introduction to Ariel’s Performance software.

Students must provide their own steel-toed leather footwear during the "hands-on" portion of this school.

Ariel’s Mechanics School is available exclusively for Ariel Distributors, Packagers, and End Users who operate and service Ariel compressors. To receive Ariel's "Certificate of Participation" students must attend the full class. Course dates are subject to change.

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