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    M3 Midstream LLC, also known as Momentum, is an independent midstream energy company that provides oil and gas producers with flexible, responsive and reliable midstream services from the wellhead to the market.

    Spanning southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, the Appalachia Gathering System is a modern, fuel efficient, large diameter system that provides customers with centralized compression, dehydration and multiple redelivery options.

    One of these midstream services is the Daybrook compressor station, which is part of the Appalachia Gathering System. The Daybrook compressor station utilizes one KBZ/2 and two KBZ/4 Ariel compressors in order to provide its customers with the compression they need to transport natural gas to their end users.

    "The Daybrook compressor station is in the northern central part of West Virginia. We started acquiring land a little over 4 years ago and as of today we are almost in our second year of actually transporting natural gas from the producers to the main trunk lines and into the market place," says said Stephen Montgomery, AGS Operations Superintendent at Momentum.

    When it came time to choose a compressor package for the Daybrook station, Momentum turned to Ariel.

    "When we bought our packages we looked at a couple of things. We looked at the availability and the timeframes of getting it to us, we looked at longevity, we looked at the availability of actual reliability – what units would be the best situation for us to put into a facility where we could get the best reliability to our customers," said Montgomery.

    "In this application I think Ariel and Caterpillar have done a really good job of joining the two machines and making one really sound, complete package. We've had good luck with Ariel compressors. Their support teams we have servicing the units are really knowledgeable," said Howard Hobaugh, Mechanic for Momentum. said Howard Hobaugh, Mechanic for Momentum.

    In order to maintain their compressors, Momentum uses Genuine Ariel Parts.

    "We use Genuine Ariel Parts here, we've used a few aftermarket parts in different applications and I just don't see the longevity there so we prefer to use OEM parts. I think the biggest thing, and the reason I would choose Ariel over another compressor is the technical support. If you need to have support, they're always available.

    "We had in the past at a different facility we had a machine, an old T frame that we were failing the crankshaft on and we couldn't figure out why. Ariel came in, they sent their whole tech support team out to site and they took the machine all apart and took a lot of measurements – they were very valuable in the troubleshooting. They came up with a fix for the problem and we were able to get the machine back together and online," said Hobaugh."

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    M3 Midstream LLC

    Marion County, West Virginia

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    Natural Gas

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    KBZ/2, 2 - KBZ/4


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