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    The Arabian Desert is one of the harshest climates on earth. It is the second largest desert area on earth, and covers an area of about 900,000 square miles. In the summer seasons, summer heat is intense, reaching temperatures as high as 130°F in places, with strong winds that carry millions of tons of sand throughout the desert.

    Located in this desert is the Sajaa gas field, one of the oldest fields in the Northern Emirates. Since the 1980’s, the Sajaa Gas Plant has been Sharjah’s largest producing gas development, providing a large percentage of the fuel gas for the local power utility stations in Sharjah.

    “Sajaa was established in 1978 in the Emirates of Sharjah. It was established by the government of Sharjah and British Petroleum. It is one of the UAE’s largest producers and sellers of natural gas condensates and LPG. It supplies gas to the plants created by the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority,” said Sana Jaber, Production Optimization Engineer, Sharjah National Oil Corporation.

    These gas fields are made up of three condensate fields: Sajaa, Kahaif, and Moveyeid. In the early 2000’s, these fields began experiencing an unstable 20% declining rate of production due to low reservoir pressure and declining condensation curve, ultimately leading to reduced revenue for the asset. Sharjah then turned to Ariel to provide wellhead compression through the use of 12 compressors, equaling a total of 18,600 HP of compression. In addition to needing reliable compressors to enhance oil production, Sharjah also needed equipment durable enough to handle the conditions of the Arabian Desert.

    “Field compression is the lifeblood of our business. We need field compressors that can handle a range of process conditions, that have a small footprint size, and are sufficiently rugged so that they can handle the extreme conditions found in the Arabian Desert,” said Steve Young, Maintenance Team Leader, Sharjah National Oil Corporation.

    Once introduced throughout the fields in 2013, the fuel-gas powered reciprocating compressors have been extremely successful in increasing creating well stability, and ultimately asset recovery.

    “We have been able to address specific life of the field issues and increase the recovery of the reserves. We produced 14.6 billion standard cubic feet of gas, we were able to recover it from the field, and the compressors were really very reliable, they were very efficient as we operated them in one of the harshest place on earth. We achieved very high-run time. It was really a success story,” said Jaber.

    “The deployment of the Ariel compressors has recovered an extra 14 billion standard cubic feet of gas over 3 years. This has been tremendously important to the asset in terms of increasing our longevity and supplying Sharjah with its energy needs,” said Young.

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    Sharjah National Oil Corporation

    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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    Natural Gas

    Natural Gas Field Compression

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    Ariel JGJ/4 (10) , Ariel JGC/6 (2)


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