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    Kentuckiana Cleanfuel, a compressed natural gas fueling station operator, was founded in early 2013 by Alan Steiden, president and owner of Air Systems LLC. Steiden founded the business in order to accelerate the growth and development of CNG infrastructure in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

    As a distributor for air compressors in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, Air Systems LLC is a multi-million dollar company that provides reliable compressors, generators, dryers and pumps. Air Systems was started in 1968, so they have the expertise and know-how to successfully build and maintain a CNG fueling station.

    Don Hayden, is the president of M&M Cartage, a family-owned trucking company based in Louisville, KY, with additional operations in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Tennesee. Hayden became interested in compressed natural gas as an alternative fuel for his fleet of heavy-duty vehicles after hearing about the benefits of the fuel. Once Hayden began researching the benefits of CNG, he realized he was onto something big.

    “I ran into a longtime friend, Alan Steiden, and he was telling me about his business, Air Systems. He was talking about his future and his interest in CNG. And I said, that’s interesting because I’m kind of on the same path with you, right?” said Hayden.

    Both Steiden and Hayden eventually realized that a partnership could beneficial for both of their companies, and the fueling infrastructure of Louisville, and began making plans to partner up to open the first Kentuckiana Cleanfuel CNG fueling station. Part of these plans included working with companies like Ariel who specialize in high-pressure natural gas compression.

    “As we got into the natural gas business, it was very important to me to invest in the best possible suppliers. So, as we looked, we wanted to go out and see other compressed natural gas fueling stations around the country in Texas, Oklahoma, took us to Wisconsin, to Ohio, really one constant throughout all of them was Ariel on the inside in the guts. Very reliable, great reputation in the industry, and that’s what led us to Ariel,” said Steiden.

    Steiden eventually contacted Ariel packager ANGI Energy Systems, who worked with him to package two Ariel JGQ-2 throw reciprocating compressors for the station. Since its opening in 2014, the station has become extremely successful – pumping over 100,000 gallons (10,000 dekatherms) of CNG a month.

    “Kentuckiana Clean Fuel represents a great private partnership that benefits the public. Their stations, anchored by M&M Cartage, is open to the public enabling other companies and private individuals to take advantage of this cleaner, cheaper domestic fuel. Ariel is the industry leader not only for compressor reliability but also customer service that enables fuel station providers like Kentuckiana Clean Fuel to offer headache free and reliable fueling services to natural gas vehicle drivers around the world. With over 55,000 natural gas compressors sold into 120+ countries, American-made Ariel is the world’s leader and largest manufacturer of reciprocating separable natural gas compressors,” said Brad Couch, CNG Business Development Manager, Ariel Corporation.

    Thanks to the success of this first station, Kentuckiana CleanFuel recently broke ground on its second station in Cincinnati, Ohio and has plans for more on the way.

    “At Kentuckiana Clean Fuel, we believe the future for compressed natural gas is very bright. As we continue to expand the stations that we have now—we have Kentucky right now; we’ll have Ohio soon, Michigan beyond that—our geography may change but the guts and heartbeat of everything we do as a fueling business is the Ariel compressor. We know we can rely on it, we know how to work on it, and we know the people at Ariel stand behind it 100 percent,” said Steiden.

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