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    Rapid ResponseRapid Response

    We understand how much our customers rely on their compressors to run efficiently and properly. That’s why at Ariel, a unit down means all hands on deck to get your compressor up and running again.

    At Ariel, we know that when a unit goes down it means one thing for your company– lost revenue. That’s why we make it our number one priority to do whatever we can to prevent this from happening through free and easily accessible support resources. However, in the event one of our compressors does go down, we will go to great lengths to get your unit up and running immediately.

    All Hands on DeckAll Hands on Deck

    Along with calling your distributor, Ariel is available 24/7 when a unit is down. If you don’t have an existing relationship with an Ariel distributor, call Ariel Spare Parts or Ariel Response Center directly, who can help identify what might be needed to get you up and running, and identify Authorized Distributors who are in your area and ready to help.

    Unit Down Desk

    Ariel also has field service engineers, inside technical sales support, manufacturing and assembly support, who are on call 24/7 in case of any emergencies or failures. At Ariel, we don’t make our customers sit through long hold times or be passed off to multiple serviceman – our first question to our customers is, “What do you need right now?”

    Having the following information on hand can expedite the process when talking to an Ariel employee or your distributor:

    • Compressor serial number
    • Model of compressor
    • Site contact information
    • Any applicable additional contacts
    • Location of compressor
    • Business name

    Unit Down Shipping

    Around The Clock SupportAround The Clock Support

    When you have an Ariel compressor it doesn’t matter whether the warranty is in service or not;
    Along with our distributors, Ariel is available 24/7 when a unit is down
     our team’s first priority is to find the cause of the issue and get your compressor up and running with no minimal down time. 

    After the initial call with the Ariel service team or your distributor, our team’s efforts split into two directions. Our inside sales group works to find out which parts are needed, identify where we can get them and how fast they can be installed into the unit that is down. Our technical service engineers work in parallel to contact the end user of the unit, diagnose and troubleshoot, and begin traveling to the site if needed.

    Top Priority

    Top PriorityTop Priority

    Unique from our competitors, our main focus is on our compressors that are in the field, not on the next sale. If your downed unit needs a part from a compressor that is on the manufacturing floor, we will take out the part your compressor needs to get your unit up and running as fast as possible.

    24 Hour Turnaround24 Hour Turnaround

    In addition to an extensive inventory, Ariel can manufacture the needed parts in the event they are not on hand. When we have the raw materials required, typically we can complete manufacturing in 24 hours, with no expediting fee. If we don’t have the parts that your unit needs, or we don’t have the components to make a new part, our supply base is on call to provide an expedited turn-around. Until the part has been delivered and installed, the Ariel leadership team will monitor orders daily to make sure distributors and end users get the parts they need as fast as possible.

    Unit Down Package

    Continued SupportContinued Support

    After parts have been secured and your unit is up and running again, a support representative will follow up with the on-site contact to ensure you are satisfied, and that a Ariel Distributor is ready for continued support

    We view our customers as family members, and neither blame nor pricing are important to us when your unit is down. Our entire staff’s top priority is to get you the parts you need as fast as possible so that your company does not lose revenue. If you have any questions about the Ariel unit down process, would like a thorough maintenance guide to maximize uptime, or you are looking for a distributor in your area, contact us today.

    We understand how much our customers rely on their compressors to run efficiently and properly. That’s why at Ariel, a unit down means all hands on deck to get your compressor up and running again.