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  • Ariel KBK Ships as the 60,000th Reciprocating Compressor

    In the midst of one of Ariel Corporation's most robust manufacturing cycles, the company has shipped serial number 60,000, a KBK/4 reciprocating compressor. This marks the latest production milestone in an increasingly impressive timeline. Ariel was founded in 1966 and shipped its first compressor in 1968. The company produced its 10,000th compressor in 1994, and with the addition of this historic serial number, Ariel has now shipped 50,000 compressors in the last 25 years alone, demonstrating persistent corporate growth and a commitment to being the global standard in natural gas compression.

    “We are proud of the fact that we lead the compressor industry and are producing and moving a tremendous quantity of clean, efficient, prolific and domestic natural gas to provide power, heat and the thousands of products made from petrochemicals, in both the USA, and the rest of the world,” said Karen Buchwald Wright, Ariel’s President and CEO. “The KBK is an example of Ariel’s continuous pursuit of excellence and technological advancement through design, materials and manufacturing process improvement. If you use natural gas for heat or electrical power, agricultural or manufactured products, then it’s a certainty that it has been through an Ariel compressor on its way to market.”

    Serial number 60,000 was commissioned by Ariel distributor Enerflex, a worldwide energy solutions company headquartered in Alberta, Canada. Enerflex will package the KBK/4 as part of a gas gathering system. The unit will be shipped to New Mexico, where it will be commissioned along with other Ariel compressors operated by Sendero Midstream.

    Established in 1966 and headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio, with additional manufacturing facilities in Akron and Newark, Ohio, Ariel Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors for the global energy industry. Ariel sets the industry standard through leading-edge research and development, expert design and manufacturing, and unmatched customer support. For more information, contact Robert Drews at (740) 397-0311 or visit us at

    Ariel Shipment Milestones

    Serial Number Model Date Shipped
    SN # 1 JG December 31, 1968
    SN # 1,000 JG July 31, 1978
    SN # 5,000 JGI April 9, 1984
    SN # 10,000 JGC July 15, 1994
    SN # 20,000 JGZ June 2, 2004
    SN # 30,000 JGQ November 7, 2008
    SN # 40,000 KBZ October 30, 2012
    SN # 50,000 KBB June 2, 2015
    SN # 60,000 KBK May 6, 2019

    Karen Buchwald Wright with serial number 60,000

    Ariel Corporation President and CEO Karen Buchwald Wright with serial number 60,000 at Ariel’s Mount Vernon Headquarters.


    Comprehensive 4-hour run

    Ariel serial number 60,000 going through a comprehensive 4-hour run test before shipping.


    Ariel serial number 60,000

    Ariel serial number 60,000 will be commissioned as part of a gas gathering system in New Mexico.



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