• Ariel to Offer Exhibition Floor Training

    Members of Ariel’s Sales, Training, and Field Engineering Departments are heading to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. to attend the 2017 Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable (EGCR), May 23 – 27.

    The EGCR is an annual training and technology conference and exhibition that focuses on engine and compressor maintenance. The event welcomes industry leaders, employees, and equipment from around the world.

    Although Ariel is an annual contributor to the EGCR roster, this year’s lineup will include a first-of-its-kind opportunity with the addition of live, instructor-led Ariel training. Held within ten-minute modules, the training will be interactive, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions tailored to their specific company or installation needs, and will cover topics such as online training capabilities, lubrication, valves, the new Ariel Training Center, and more.

    Each session will be held during the exhibition, near Ariel's booth, with a focused training schedule adapted for each day. The training set-up has been modified for closed circuit TV and audio to accommodate a large audience and allow for an interactive experience. In addition, customers are invited to chat with Ariel trainers between sessions for an individualized, face-to-face educational experience.

    For more information on the EGCR, please visit: http://www.egcr.org/about/, and for more info on Ariel’s World Class customer training program, visit http://www.arielcorp.com/training.

    Ariel EGCR Team

    The interactive exhibition floor training will be held in ten minute modules and will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions tailored to their specific company or installation needs.



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