Ariel Introduces the KBK:T Compressor

Significant Innovations Bring Increased Stability Under Higher Rod Loads

Ariel played to company strengths to bring a new compressor frame to the market. The KBK:T leverages the latest technologies in manufacturing and design and allowed Ariel to incorporate customer feedback and field experience for a compressor that fills an industry need.

In the KBK:T, Ariel has created an upgraded frame that fits comfortably in the space between the JGK:T and JGC:D:F frames. The KBK:T brings added functionality and value to the midline compression market. The new frames come in two, four and six-throw configurations. They bring higher rod load, and horsepower capabilities along with longer strokes than the JGK:T, while fitting in the same footprint.

The six-inch stroke KBK rated for a maximum of 1,200 revolutions per minute. That makes it an ideal fit for natural gas engines and 1,200 rpm motors. The five-inch stroke of the KBT allows for a maximum operating speed of 1,500 rpm. That will enable it to work well with 1,400 rpm engines and the 1,500 rpm motors that are common outside North America.

On the design front, significant innovations have come to the KBK:T. The angled design of the crosshead guides and through-bolt support fasteners – features of the KB series of frames – brings increased stability under higher rod loads. The pistons, piston rods, crossheads and connecting rods have been strengthened as well.

Answering customer feedback, the KBK:T also includes a design feature that is sure to be popular with mechanics. The auxiliary end oil piping was redesigned to be a maintenance dream. The frame oil thermostat is now integral to the oil filter header, and the pipes have been located to allow simple access for maintenance. “This creative and useful product upgrade adds value for our customers,” said Joe Fernandez, Ariel’s Manager of Application Engineering. “It’s our Design Engineers listening to customers’ feedback and coming up with innovations to meet their needs.”

The KBK:T’s main application looks to be right in the heart of Ariel’s business – gathering and rental fleets. With more powerful drivers hitting the market, and applications requiring additional compressor capabilities, the KBK:T is Ariel’s answer to allow for more power for customers who need a JGK:T-size compressor. “There are a lot of rental fleets out there, and these frames will provide added capabilities and flexibility,” Fernandez said. “It’s big enough to handle increasing demands of the market while maintaining the portability of the JGK:T products.” The KBK:T frames also feature the latest in Ariel cylinders, valves and packing.

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KBK:T Compressor

KBK:T Reciprocating Gas Compressor



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