• KB100 Reciprocating Gas Compressor

    The KB100 is a purpose-built compressor for low-flow CNG applications requiring 100 horsepower and lower. It is tailor-made for CNG fueling applications. It is designed to give CNG customers a low-flow, low-cost option with the quality and reliability you expect from Ariel.

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  • Product Features

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    Full-Pressure Lubrication

    A frame-driven lube oil pump provides cooled oil through a full-flow oil filter to all moving parts in the frame. A divider-block system supplies metered oil to cylinder bores and rod packings.


    High-Strength Bolting

    Durable Grade 8 bolting on all loaded joints combined with specially designed fatigue-fighting bolts on all valve caps ensure ultimate strength.


    Rigid Connecting Rods

    The KB100 compressor features durable connecting rods manufactured from ductile iron with a 4-bolt heavy-duty "I" section.


      Rugged Crossheads

      One-piece, long-life crossheads with hardened, ground steel crosshead pins and direct, full-pressure lubrication at the top and bottom for minimum wear.



      Innovative Cylinders

      Ariel's horizontal and double-acting cylinders eliminate the cost of a cylinder cooling system and remove the maintenance problems associated with water cooling.


      Durable Pistons and Rods

      The KB100 compressor features wear-resistant steel or gray iron pistons and precision-ground alloy steel piston rods with locking crosshead nuts. Rolled threads are 1/8" under rod diameter for easy installation.


      Precision Bearing Shells

      Every Ariel compressor features precision-machined compact tri-metal main and connecting rod bearings.


      Efficient Valving

      Plate-type valves are designed for modern speeds, utilizing non-metallic sealing elements as standard. Valves are selected to comply with established low-valve velocity standards.



      Heavy-Duty Crankshafts

      The KB100 compressor features forged steel, precision-machined crankshafts with integral counter-weights manufactured by Ariel Corporation.

      Spin On Filter

      High-Efficiency Spin-On Oil Filters

      The Ariel KB100 compressor features high-efficiency spin-on oil filters rated at 5 micron nominal and 17 micron absolute.



      Rugged Crankcase

      Ariel crankcases are designed for long service life and ease of access during maintenance and feature heavily-ribbed, high-strength cast iron base with removable lightweight aluminum top cover.

    • Specifications

    • Frame KB100
      Number of Throws 2
      Rated Power (BHP) 100
      Stroke (inch) 3
      Maximum RPM 1,800
      Piston Speed (FRM) 900
      Total Rod Load (lbs) 11,400
      Rod Load Tension (lbs) 5,700
      Rod Load Compression (lbs) 6,700
      Rod Diameter (in) 1.125
      Crankshaft Centerline, from bottom (in) 9.25
      Frame KB100
      Number of Throws 2
      Rated Power (kW) 74.5
      Stroke (mm) 76.2
      Maximum RPM 1,800
      Piston Speed (m/s) 4.6
      Total Rod Load (N) 50,710
      Rod Load Tension (N) 25,355
      Rod Load Compression (N) 29,803
      Rod Diameter (mm) 28.6
      Crankshaft Centerline, from bottom (mm) 235
      Number of Throws
      3 in
      76.2 mm
      Maximum RPM
      Rated Power
      100 BHP
      74.5 kW

      Internal Gas Rod Loads

      Rod Load Compression
      6,700 lbs
      29,803 N
      Rod Load Tension
      5,700 lbs
      25,355 N
      Total Rod Load
      11,400 lbs
      50,710 N


      Rod Diameter
      1.125 in
      28.6 mm
      Crankshaft Centerline
      9.25 in
      235 mm
      Guide Design


      Forged Steel
      Connecting Rod
      Ductile Iron
      Gray Iron
      Crosshead Bushing

    • Materials

    • Crankcase


      JGM-JGH Crosshead


      JGM-JGH Connecting Rod
      Connecting Rod

      Connecting Rod

    • Part Material
      Crankcase Gray Iron
      Crosshead Gray Iron
      Crankshaft Forged Steel
      Connecting Rod Ductile Iron
      Main Bearing Tri-Metal
      Thrust Bearing Tri-Metal
      Connecting Rod Bearing Tri-Metal
      Crosshead Guide Gray Iron
      Crosshead Pin Alloy Steel
      Crosshead Pin Bushing N/A
      Stress Bolts, Standard Grade 8

    • Parts

      Ariel original equipment parts

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      Ariel original equipment parts are designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically for your KB100 compressor. Discover why Ariel's comprehensive parts program will maximize the life of your compressor.

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    • Support

      Ariel is committed to supporting our compressors for life. We pride ourselves on the manufacturing practices and engineering support behind our world class compression technologies. Through unmatched customer service and a global distribution network, Ariel will provide you with best-in-class compression solutions that reduce downtime and improve application performance.