• KBK & KBT Reciprocating Gas Compressors

    Made to run continuously in the gas and oil industry, these compressors feature a design intended to increase strength of the internal parts. Because these compressors feature a wide range of cylinder options, they handle standard and specialized applications.

    Size Comparison

  • Specifications

  • Frame KBK KBT
    KBK/2 KBK/4 KBK/6 KBT/2 KBT/4 KBT/6
    Number of Throws 2 4 6 2 4 6
    Rated Power (BHP) 1,840 3,680 5,520 1,840 3,680 5,520
    Stroke (inch) 6 5
    Maximum RPM 1,200 1,500
    Piston Speed (FPM) 1,200 1,250
    Total Rod Load (lbs) 92,000
    Rod Load Tension (lbs) 46,000
    Rod Load Compression (lbs) 50,000
    Rod Diameter (in) 2.0
    Crankshaft Centerline, from bottom (in) 17
    Frame KBK KBT
    KBK/2 KBK/4 KBK/6 KBT/2 KBT/4 KBT/6
    Number of Throws 2 4 6 2 4 6
    Rated Power (kW) 1,372 2,744 4,116 1,373 2,744 4,116
    Stroke (mm) 152.4 127
    Maximum RPM 1,200 1,500
    Piston Speed (m/s) 6.10 6.35
    Total Rod Load (N) 409,236
    Rod Load Tension (N) 204,618
    Rod Load Compression (N) 222,411
    Rod Diameter (mm) 51
    Crankshaft Centerline, from bottom (mm) 432
    Number of Throws
    2 | 4 | 6
    2 | 4 | 6
    6 in
    5 in
    152.4 mm
    127 mm
    Rated RPM
    Rated Power/Throw
    920 BHP
    920 BHP
    686 kW
    686 kW

    Internal Gas Rod Loads

    Rod Load Compression
    50,000 lbs
    222,411 N
    Rod Load Tension
    46,000 lbs
    204,618 N
    Total Rod Load
    92,000 lbf
    409,236 N


    Rod Diameter
    2.0 in
    51 mm
    Crankshaft Centerline
    17 in
    432 mm
    Guide Design


    Forged Steel
    Connecting Rod
    Forged Steel
    Ductile Iron
    Crosshead Bushing

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