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  • Tech Tech Tips Tip - DNFT's Wiring Diagrams

    Did you know... Ariel DNFT's include a wiring diagram to help with Closed Loop or Open Loop wiring? All Lubrication No-Flow Shut-Down Devices require solid electrical connections to function properly and protect your unit from damage due to lack of lubrication. Wiring diagrams that accompany Ariel DNFT's present a visual representation of how to successfully connect your Digital No-Flow Timer. Additional wiring information is available in ER 56.07, including how to properly ground your DNFT, a potential source for DNFT headaches that is easily prevented.

    When installing your DNFT, it is important to make sure you have a proper ground. Ariel requires all force feed lubrication monitoring devices to be grounded back to the control panel earth ground, and all unused wires to be individually isolated so they cannot contact each other or external sources. Improper grounding and wiring can result in unreliable monitor operation, phantom shutdowns, and premature device failure.

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