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  • General Information

    Ariel Product Trainers conduct specialized, custom-tailored training sessions for our partners and customers who wish training at their own site.

    For a fee, custom-tailored training sessions are scheduled well in advance and require consultation with our Product Training team. Fees vary, depending upon the type of training, size of audience, duration, and expenses incurred. Contact us at for more information.

    Below, we have provided a topic chart of our most popular courses. Use this chart to decide which courses are applicable to your training needs.

  • Course Topic Name of Course
      Basic Mechanics Technical Online Basic
    Ariel History and Product Line X   X X
    Safety   X    
    CNG Overview        
    Compressor Package and Components X   X X
    Basic Compression Process X   X X
    API 618     X  
    Compressor Valves X   X X
    Compressor Valves (hands-on)   X    
    Capacity Control Devices & Systems X   X X
    Capacity Control Devices - V V C P (hands-on)   X    
    Component Alignment X X   X
    Shaft Alignment (hands-on)   X    
    Bolting and Torque X X   X
    Lubrication Systems X   X X
    Lubrication Systems (hands-on)   X    
    Divider Block System X X   X
    Lubrication Specification     X  
    Non Lube Operation        
    Purge Systems X   X  
    Packings, Rings and Wear Bands X   X X
    Packings - Cook Compression (hands-on)   X    
    Technical Support and Warranty X   X  
    Vibration X   X X
    Maintenance Intervals & Troubleshooting X X    
    Software / Internet Tools X   X  
    Packager Standards     X  
    Cylinder Design     X  
    Introduction to Performance Software   X X  
    Performance Software (hands-on)     X  
    Production and Process Compressor Designs     X  
    Accoustical and Torsional Analysis     X  
    Performance Analysis     X  
    Start-up Check List   X    
    Failure Analysis (hands-on)   X    
    Bearings   X    
    Bearing Replacement (hands-on)   X    
    Mechanical Clearances (hands-on)   X    
    Tour Ariel Facilities X X X  

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