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  • General Information

    Ariel’s Online Basic course gives you the ability to learn about the fundamentals of gas compression and Genuine Ariel Parts & components at your own pace, at your computer, and at no cost. To get started, review the Frequently Asked Questions below and then go into the Ariel Connect Training Portal to search Online 2.0, then select Request. This online eLearning course is also available in Spanish.

    Online Learning Curriculum

  • This self-paced format allows users to access the Online Basic Product Training course, Edition 2.0 anytime and anywhere using a PC or laptop. The online course is a good overview for all employees in the industry to understand how compression works, basic components and functions. It is the pre work class necessary for those who want to attend Ariel hands-on Mechanics - Level 1 training. Users will find the detailed graphics and videos most helpful in this eLearning option, which is available at no cost.  Students are required to have an active Members Only account to have access the online course through the training database, Ariel Connect.

      Overview:  Online Basic Product Training, Edition 2.0

    • Compressor Package Basics
    • Cylinders and Piston Rods
    • Valve Operations and Components
    • Piston Rings and Wear Bands
    • Force Feed Lubrication
    • Packing Case and Oil Wiper Assemblies
    • Bolt Design and Torque Techniques
    • Gas and Cylinder Characteristics 

    Note: We recommend using a PC with Chrome as the browser.  Not compatible with Windows Edge or Firefox.

    • FAQ's

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      All students are required to register for a Ariel Members Only account on the home page at After the Members Only account has been activated, students have access to go to the training database, Ariel Connect. In Ariel Connect, search "Online 2.0" and select Request (or Assign) to enroll and launch the Online Basic course. Students are encouraged to use the Ariel JG JGA Maintenance & Repair manual as open reference material while taking the Basic Online course and Final Test. Find the manual at:

      The Online Basic course is ideal for those new to the oil & gas industry. This course is required pre work for students who plan to attend the hands-on Mechanics - Level 1 course.

      Typically, the course can take eight to 10 hours to complete and then about one hour to complete the Final Test. We encourage students to use the Ariel JG JGA maintenance & repair manual as reference tool while taking in the online course and the final test. Find this reference manual at:  The online course is presented in modules by topics and students can stop, save and start again and have up to three months to finish. With a passing score of 80% students have access to print a Certificate of Participation. The Online Basic course meets the pre work requirement to continue learning and attend other courses offered by Ariel.  

      Note: Keep your Ariel Members Only account active and have access to Ariel Connect. Login to your Members Only account at least once every three months.

      Everyone new to the oil & gas industry will want to participate in this course to better understand how compression works, the compressor package, components, lubrication systems, and much more! The Online Basic course gives students an added advantage of learning at their own pace with no travel time or travel costs incurred. A Certificate of Participation is issued for those who complete the final test with 80% accuracy. 

      Technicians and Service Mechanics who want to further their knowledge on the operations and maintenance of Ariel compressors will want to complete the Online Basic course in advance and be eligible to sign up for the hands-on Mechanics - Level 1 course. The Online Basic course is required pre work.

      No, it does not replace the classroom course. Ariel's Online Basic Product Training provides an alternate version to participate in this course. Course content is the same as the classroom version, but is offered as a convenient way to complete the course without traveling.  Coming to Ariel to attend the classroom version of the Basic course gives students the opportunity to tour Ariel factory facilities, meet and talk with subject-matter-experts, see our hands-on lab and equipment, all of which are a major benefit for attending the classroom version.
      The Online Basic course is pre set and designed for students to start at the first module and continue in numerical sequence. It follows the path of introduction to Ariel compressors, components, and into mechanical functions for a thorough understanding of the overall course.
      ComponentMinimum RequirementOptimal/Recommended
      • Desktop or Laptop system (Tablets and cell phones are not compatible)
      • 512MB of RAM, 900 MHz Processor
      • Soundcard, headphones/speakers
      Display Resolution1024x7681280 × 720 or higher
      Display Color16-bit Color Quality32-bit or higher
      Network ConnectivityHigh-speed Internet connection (ADSL or Cable internet)Wired-Ethernet Connection
      BrowsersAll Browsers must have Pop-up Blockers disabled for the Ariel LMS domain (

      Internet Explorer (Version 10 or later)
      Safari (Version 7.0 or later)
      Google Chrome (Version 34 or later)

      Browser Plug-InsUse of additional plug-ins may be required (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, QuickTime, or similar.) to access some Ariel Connect eLearning content.
      • Users who experience technical difficulty can refer to the Ariel Connect Help Guide for possible solutions.
      • If you experience an issue and would like to submit a possible solution to benefit others, please send submissions to
      • Due to the variation in user configurations, Ariel is unable to provide technical support related to client computer configuration, network access, firewalls/internet security software, connection speeds, and similar issues that may be encountered.
      • Users who are unable to meet the Ariel Connect Minimum System Requirements, or experience other issues preventing reliable use of this content will be advised to attend an the Ariel classroom version of the Basic course.

      After you have selected Request for the Online Basic course in Ariel Connect and started the first module, you will have six months to complete the course and final test. 

      Note: If you plan to advance your knowledge and attend Ariel hands-on training for technicians and mechanics, completion of the Online Basic course is required pre work.

      Yes, the course includes a Final Test that follows the last module. A passing score of 80% confirms the student's successful completion of the Basic course and a Certificate of Participation is awarded (and available for the student to print). Successful students will have met the pre work requirement to advance their knowledge and attend other training courses offered by Ariel.

      Students who receive less than 80% on the final test will have the chance to take the test a second time. We strongly suggest you review the Score Details Summary first, showing the high and low test percentage results. Students who fail the second try can contact our Training Team for advice at:


      Ariel customers who have an active Ariel Members Only account and who have the computer equipment that meets the eLearning Minimum System Requirements.
      Delays are typically caused because your computer browsing history (cache) needs to be cleared. Ariel Connect is tracking your progress, so there is no need to retake a module if your screen shows “in progress.” We recommend you use a PC or laptop be used with Chrome as the browser. Smaller devices cannot be used. Contact our Training & Development staff if you need assistance:; or call 740.397.0311 – Ext. 1416
      You can contact your local Ariel Regional Manager (from our website at or the Training Department at Ariel headquarters at, or call 740.397.0311, Ext. 1416.

      To get a copy of your Certificate for Completion of a training course:

      1. Login to your Ariel Members Only account.
      2. Go into the training section, Ariel Connect.
      3. In Ariel Connect, select View Your Transcript from the menu bar. Your transcript will open.
      4. See the Active box and click on the arrow in that box. Completed will be a choice to select. 
      5. Select the name of the completed course and the Training Details page will open.
      6. Scroll down the bulleted details and see the blue link on the left, Print Certificate.


      To have your Ariel training records electronically transferred, you are required to register for a new Ariel Members Only account, using your new business email address. When you have activated your new Members Only account, go into the training section Ariel Connect; select View Your Transcript (and then return to the home page to logout). You will have just activated a new training transcript. 

      Next, tell our Training Team to transfer your former training records to your newly activated transcript. Email us at: and be sure to include your former email address.

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