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Engineering Co-Op Program


  • The Ariel Experience

    Co-Op Manufacturing


    Ariel people take pride in the company's world class manufacturing processes and product designs. Quality is the foundation of our success.

    Maintaining our reputation as the world leader in gas compression requires us to design products that can be manufactured, installed and serviced with ease. Our compressors are designed to match available drivers, offer maximum efficiency and value, and continue to be the most reliable compressors worldwide.

    Co-Op Technology


    Ariel is leading the world in the development and utilization of new technology. Ariel has its own Research and Development Center which contains a complete compressor station operating in a closed-loop pipeline.

    Ariel's test loop compressor station duplicates field conditions, but in a controlled environment. Torsional analysis, vibration analysis, pressure performance, burst testing and component analysis (valves, packings and piston rings) are among the numerous research projects underway in the facility.

    Co-Op Traditions


    Ariel's traditions of quality and integrity have produced the best compressors in the world. Today, the Ariel compressor is considered the world standard for performance and reliability.

    Ariel Corporation was founded in 1966 by founder Jim Buchwald, who started a company where quality of design and manufacturing became deeply embedded in Ariel's culture.

    We are a company where each and every person's contribution to the product is valued and respected, and where solutions grow naturally out of team-based problem-solving.

    Jim Buchwald's daughter, Karen Buchwald Wright, continues those traditions today. As President and CEO of this private, family business, Karen takes pride in Ariel's leadership position and has a clear vision for Ariel's future.

  • Engineering Co-Op Program

    The purpose of Ariel's Engineering Co-Op Program is to attract high performers, develop leadership talent, improve productivity, develop a line of succession and to strengthen our corporate competitive advantage. We will provide the Co-Op student with opportunities to develop skills and behaviors through hands-on learning and exposure to the professional manufacturing environment. The program is designed to prepare the student for a professional work experience where they can begin integrating classroom knowledge with real world experience.

    With guidance and structure in a team environment, our Co-Op students are given the opportunity to make a real impact in the company. The Co-Op students are challenged to work on real, business-related engineering projects alongside professional engineers. Experience what a professional engineer does on a day-to-day basis is why the Ariel Engineering Co-Op program is the top choice among aspiring engineering students.
    The Co-Op student's first rotation with Ariel Corporation will begin with attending our New Employee Orientation program to gain an overview of our organization and processes. Following completion of the orientation, the student will observe the shop floor and experience our product first hand in the Operations Experience track. Once the student has a clear understanding of our product, they will move to a rotation in one of the Engineering tracks.

    Ariel Corporation is looking for dedicated, enthusiastic and promising talent that aspire for a career in engineering. In our Co-Op recruitment process we also look at a student's academic records as well as their interpersonal skills, work experience, hands-on mechanical experience, flexibility and adaptability to work in a team-based environment. In return, Ariel provides a rewarding and challenging Co-Op learning experience in which future engineers work alongside skilled professionals in a mentoring relationship.

    Co-Op Track Diagram

    During the student's rotation, they will progress through a variety of learning opportunities, including classroom instruction, Operations Experience, on-the-job training, research, hands-on projects and work experience. As a result, the Co-Op student will begin to develop the following skills and behaviors:

    1. Work with a team of professional engineers while demonstrating critical thinking skills, business work ethics and technical abilities.
    2. Perform tasks and responsibilities with extra attention to detail, completeness and accuracy.
    3. Plan, initiate, manage, research, report results and follow through on projects while demonstrating leadership skills, communications skills and business knowledge.
    4. Contribute to the quality of the project through applying technical skills, critical thinking, communications and academic coursework.
    5. Demonstrate professional behavior in communications, follow-through, business etiquette, time management and interpersonal skills.
    6. Communicate with co-workers at all levels within the organization in a variety of work situations by listening attentively, asking well thought out questions, presenting information appropriately and effectively, writing and speaking clearly and succinctly, taking the initiative to keep their Mentor and Engineering Co-Op Program Manager informed of work progress and handling confidential information appropriately.
    7. Handle working relationships in a professional manner by taking accountability, following up and communicating effectively.

    The Co-Op student's first rotation begins with an orientation, required by all new employees of Ariel Corporation. During this training, the Co-Op student will learn our safety procedures and requirements, corporate policies, product training, computer systems, ISO standards and more. Following orientation, they will progress through the Operations Experience track of guided learning with skilled professionals and on-the-job trainers. These departments and functions include:

    • Assembly
    • Bill of Material
    • Drafting
    • Machine Shop
    • Maintenance
    • Quality Control
    • Spares
    • Specialty Shop
    • Stores

    Following their Operations Experience, the student begins their assigned Engineering Track where they will work on value-added engineering projects with professional engineers in a team setting.

    Co-Op students meet periodically with the Engineering Co-Op Program Manager for curriculum updates, soft skill development, feedback, questions and answers and coaching. In addition to regular ongoing feedback, the students also receive end-of-rotation performance evaluation from their mentor.

    When the student returns for their second rotation, they may be assigned to a different department within engineering. He or she will be assigned more complex projects which will enhance their learning experience as an engineer.

    The Manager of the Co-Op Program mentors the students on their soft skills and professional development and ensures consistency throughout the program. As the student begins their Engineering track, the Manager will assign the student to a Mentor, who will provide guidance on the company's organizational culture and professional development.

    Both the Mentor and Co-Op Program Manager will guide the student through their experience and help them to grow professionally while developing possible talent for the organization. High performance, valuable contributions and professional skills make the Co-Op experience beneficial for everyone. The skills, abilities and behaviors are developed by a mutual commitment of everyone involved. The Mentor and Program Manager contribute by providing ways for the student to engage in the work environment while the student's contribution involves openness to learning.

    Integral parts of the learning process are clear communication of the company expectations, commitment of the Mentor and follow-up on the student's progress. By providing the student with continual feedback plus formal performance reviews, the student will have a clear understanding of their progress and areas that need improvement. The Mentor and Co-Op Program Manager will help the student succeed by creating opportunities and sharing knowledge. This happens in both formal and informal settings throughout the work day.

    The Mentor and Co-Op Program Manager will:

    • Prepare and plan for a valuable learning experience for the student.
    • Communicate goals for the Co-Op assignment and performance exceptions.
    • Show commitment to the student by providing necessary training, tools and resources for their tasks and projects.
    • Meet regularly with the student and provide feedback on performance and productivity.
    • Encourage the student to participate in professional activities.
    • Address any concerns or issues in a timely and professional manner.
    • Provide a performance evaluation for the student and to the student's university.
    • Wear many hats and play many roles, such as the communicator, counselor, coach, adviser and primary contact.

    The Mentors and Co-Op Program Manager meet regularly with their Co-Op students for coaching and updates. The Mentors communicate regularly with the Co-Op Program Manager for updates and follow-up, reviewing the Co-Op's Individual Development Plan and discussing their student's progress.

    Individual Development Plan:

    The Mentor is responsible for creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for the student, thus "customizing" the student's Co-Op experience. The student's progress on the IDP will be monitored by the Mentor throughout the student's rotation to ensure their success. The IDP and the student's progress provides a basis for the student's evaluation a the end of the rotation.

    Co-Op students are required to give an oral presentation summarizing their experience at the end of their second rotation. The presentation will be given to a team of selected senior managers, their Mentor and the Engineering Co-Op Program Manager who will evaluate the student.

  • Ariel Co-Op Perks

    The best part about our Co-Op program is its size... Not too big, and not too small!

    Co-Op Free Housing

    Free Housing

    FREE housing for the term of your Co-Op assignment means money for you (or your parents)? Ariel offers safe, clean, furnished apartments or a company owned duplex within a 10-minute commute of Ariel's main facility (some within walking distance). Each unit includes basic cable, high-speed wireless internet and all utilities.

    Co-Op Local Community

    Local Community

    Bottom line: Ariel strongly believes in the right balance between work life and home life. There is plenty to do in and around Mount Vernon to maintain that balance! Mount Vernon has a variety of small markets, grocers and restaurants in the area. Polaris and Easton Malls are located within a 30 minute drive from Mount Vernon and offer an even wider shopping and entertainment experience. Nationwide Arena and the Schottenstein Center host many live concert events throughout the year and professional hockey and soccer teams are located in the Columbus metro area.

    Co-Op Socially Speaking

    Socially Speaking

    The best part about our program is that it's not too big and not too small. Social events are planned by the company and some are planned by the students. The planned events by the company include our company picnic at Cedar Point, company sponsored golf outing at the Mount Vernon Country Club, Ariel sponsored golf league, Cruise-In Car Show and Co-Op receptions.