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  • Operational Longevity
    Means Everything

    Ariel has standardized the majority of our product line with the CP/CPs valve. Upgrade your fleet with field-proven technology, OEM quality, and a wide range of support options that deliver the operational efficiency you demand.

    Contact your preferred Ariel distributor today and start measuring reliability in years with the CP/CPs valve.

  • The Ariel CP/CPS valve close up  

    The CP / CPs Valve Benefits

    • Reliability
    • • Reduced lift without sacrificing efficiency
    • Commonality
    • • Reduced valve configurations
    • • Simplified inventory
    • • One standard plate part number per cylinder
    • Versatility
    • • Operates across a wider range of gas conditions
    • Efficiency
    • • Lowers BHP/MMSCFD making HP available for increased flow
  • Efficient Field Proven Design

    The CP/CPs valve is unique, being the first valve to use a profiled plate having the same thermal expansion as steel. During operations, the plate and seat of the valve expand at the same rate allowing a line of contact seal to be maintained when closed. The profiled plate enables a valve porting design that streamlines the path of the gas through the valve when open. The design, manufacture, and support of this technology completely revolutionize gas compression reliability. It surpasses all previous valves in durability without sacrificing efficiency over a wider range of operating conditions.

    The Ariel CP Valve Running in the Field
  • Ariel CP Valve Internal Breakdown  

  • Ariel CP Valve Customer Support  

    Ariel Valve Support

    World Class Customer support is a hallmark of Ariel and an integral aspect of the CP/CPs product rollout. Ariel, and our distribution partners, apply the correct valve that delivers the optimal balance of reliability and efficiency for your compressor. Ariel’s distribution network maintains a rapid response inventory of valves and components in stock and is ready to provide you the level of service that your operation demands.

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