BTUU Packing Rings


BTUU Packing Ring Technology:


Ariel offers uncut ring technology for piston rod pressure sealing on all of our compressor product lines. Uncut rings eliminate the leak paths of conventional segmented rings, and they generate less frictional heat, resulting in superior performance.

Ariel’s unique “necked-down” piston rod design allows for the installation of these patented uncut packing rings by providing clearance over the threads. The BTUU packing ring set is not compatible with other compressor manufacturers’ piston rods.



The Advantages of Ariel BTUU Technology


Reduced Temperatures


The increased sealing capacity of each ring set results in fewer cups per packing case. This decreases the frictional heat load by minimizing the number of rings in contact with the rod. The first ring set does the majority of the sealing, greatly reducing the pressure applied to subsequent tangent-cut rings - often eliminating the activation of the remaining uncut rings.


Operational Efficiency


The increased sealing capacity of uncut rings, reduced wear, and improved sealing integrity over the life of the packing means increased overall unit and facility performance.

Reduced Maintenance


Reduced Rod to packing contact, longer run-times, improved efficiency, and prevention of downtime, Ariel BTUU technology means fewer cups (and consequently fewer rings) required for each packing assembly, which reduces re-conditioning expenses during overhauls.

PSI Ranges Conventional Uncut
2000 (+) 5-7 Rings 4-5 Rings
800-2000 4-6 Rings 3-4 Rings
300-800 3-5 Rings 3-4 Rings
Below 300 2-4 Rings 2-3 Rings