• Ariel Manufactures 40,000th Compressor

    Ariel Corporation formed in 1966 when Jim Buchwald and his partners, Jim Doane (Fredericktown, OH) and George Woodman (Houston, TX) conceived the idea of a small, high speed, reciprocating, separable compressor. Jim Buchwald designed the compressor and he and Jim Doane built the prototype in the Buchwald’s basement in Mount Vernon. Eventually the prototype was sold as Serial #1 and operated in the field for 28 years before the company reacquired it for permanent display in the lobby of Ariel Headquarters on Blackjack Road in the Industrial Park of Mount Vernon.

    The Ariel compressor led to the formation of large wellhead rental fleets for the natural gas industry in the Southwest. Additionally, the reliability and quality ingrained in Ariel’s corporate culture led to a significant global footprint. Today, Ariel enjoys the lion’s share of the reciprocating compressor market and is considered to be the market leader. Over the years, the company’s product lines have expanded to provide the largest range of horsepower available, from 100hp to 10,000hp to the oil and gas industry. Forty-six years later, Ariel Corporation is the largest manufacturer of reciprocating compressors in the world. Today, Ariel compressors are found in every oil and gas field throughout the world, and are a vital link in the extraction, processing, transportation and sale of natural gas.

    Karen Buchwald Wright, President and CEO of Ariel, announced that in late 2012, Ariel is shipping Serial No. 40,000! She was joined by her father, Jim Buchwald, Ariel’s founder and her oldest son, Alex Wright, who recently joined the company. “We are very proud of our workforce and the community in which we live and work. We believe that is the secret to our success and we are happy to be able to share our good news and continued growth with the people of this community”, said Ms. Wright.

    Serial number 40,000 will be packaged by Dearing Compression of Youngstown, Ohio, and will be paired with a 5,000 horsepower variable frequency drive electric motor. The package was commissioned by MarkWest Energy Partners, a leading provider of midstream services in the natural gas industry and the largest processor of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale.

    The compressor will be used in a mid-stream gathering application in MarkWest’s Majorsville Processing Facility in Dallas, West Virginia. This facility is located within MarkWest’s Liberty Segment, which provides fully integrated natural gas midstream services in the liquids-rich areas of the Marcellus Shale.

    Explore the History of Ariel Corporation at www.arielcorp.com

    Unit 40K

    Buchwald Family

    Ariel’s President and CEO, Karen Buchwald Wright stands proudly with her father, Jim Buchwald, Founder of Ariel, and son, Alex Wright, Director of Aftermarket Operations, in celebration of the 40,000th Ariel compressor to ship from Ariel Corporation’s headquarters in Mount Vernon, Ohio.


    Final Assembly

    Serial Number 40,000 during final assembly and inspection. (Pictured clockwise: Jared Wilson, Brian Smith, DJ Blubaugh and Joshua Yacapraro)



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