Reciprocating compression technology has been around for a long time: crankshafts, crossheads, pistons, cylinders, valves… The basics have remained the same for decades. In that time, Ariel’s training program has expanded to meet the needs of a diverse industry. Ariel’s customer-focused curriculum includes our new Mechanics – Level 1 Training, Basic Product Training course, Technical School and customized product schools with additions and enhancements in constant development. The class offerings are at the core of Ariel’s reputation for unmatched customer service.

    Ariel’s investment in employee and customer training courses is part of our investment in the compression industry. Our customer trainers are headquartered in our World Headquarters in Mount Vernon, Ohio. If someone can’t come to Ariel, our trainers bring Ariel training to the customer. We offer training classes worldwide, we take our Mobile Training Lab to the busiest regions in the United States, and we customize training for the industry needs. Ariel trainers benefit from decades of experience in the compression industry. Ariel’s comprehensive employee training is designed to ensure every compressor meets our high standards for quality. When you buy an Ariel compressor, it comes with a highly-trained workforce and the best instructors in the industry.
    It’s what we do. Compression is who we are.

    Compression is who we are.