Ariel Corporation was founded in 1966 with the idea that customers deserved a compressor built with a keen eye on quality manufacturing, integrity, pride, service, and support. More than 50 years later, our core values are still forged into everything we do.

    From methodic quality assurance to world-class customer training, we put action behind our vow that our customers will remain our top priority. That is evident in the detail our highly-trained manufacturing force puts into every compressor we ship, the length to which our technical services team will go to help a customer, and the dedication to quality that goes into every spare parts order we fill. Our quality assurance team never accepts “close enough” and our trainers make sure every student is well versed in the Ariel way.

    We became the World Standard in compression by doing things properly and making sure high standards never change. We plan to make sure our customers always get exactly what they deserve:
    The best compressor and service in the world. Compression is who we are.