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     At this point, everyone is well aware of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation that confronts Ohio, the United States, and the World as a whole. The situation has gone from a problem that was in one area of China, to a global concern in a matter of several weeks. As the situation remains uncertain, Ariel has prepared our business response through a solid plan of action that has been deployed over the last few weeks. In addition, Ariel has been given "essential business" designation from the State of Ohio, and will continue to operate all aspects of our business going forward.

     During this time, employee’s and their families are of our utmost concern, and Ariel remains committed to providing the latest informational updates so that we are all operating off of the best information available. We know that the needs of the natural gas sector continue to exist, and to that end, we continue to operate our production facilities and fill customer orders. We have put many safe guards and restrictions in place to provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible, and have had several employees start to work remotely in jobs that can accommodate that work style. Finally, we continue to monitor the health situation, our government official's messages, and employee concerns on a constant basis.

     In addition to the safeguards put in place for our employees, Ariel has taken several measures to keep our guests and visitors as safe as possible. These measures are around travel, customer training, visitor entry, deliveries, and external meetings and trainings. Please discuss these directly with your Ariel contact to see if they may apply to you. In addition, we have launched a new Ariel website section that includes up-to-date information from the Company as our information and policies progress, as well as, a general CDC, State Department, and other related area news feed that is available from the home page of – accessible from any computer or mobile device.

    Thank you for your continued support of Ariel Corporation, and please keep safe & healthy during these unique times.


    Ariel Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors. Our compressors are utilized by the global energy industry to extract, process, transport, store, and distribute natural gas from the wellhead to the end-user. Ariel also provides specialized API-618 reciprocating compressors for the process industry. As a world-class manufacturer, Ariel sets the industry standard through expert design and manufacturing, industry-leading research and development, and unmatched customer support. Learn more about Ariel products and Genuine Ariel Parts, and the ways we can assist you through support, training, and our worldwide distributor network.

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