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Ariel's passion and commitment to customer training are unequaled in the industry.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, we have the resources and the formula for success: learning by doing. We welcome our industry partners to join us for an exceptional training experience, available at no-cost to students at Ariel’s state-of-the-art Training Center in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Ariel requires all students have an active Members Only account to be enrolled in any of our training offerings. The Members Only account grants access to the training Events Calendar, to request a class, and other useful technical information.  Register for your Ariel Members Only account today!

Basic Product Training

Ariel's Basic Product Training is designed for those new to the industry and serves as a prerequisite for technicians, mechanics, and engineers who plan to advance their knowledge and attend other training offered by Ariel. Enrollment for our Basic Training is available as a classroom option or online, and is open to our members through the Ariel Members Only / Connect training portal.  The classroom option runs for three consecutive days.

Mechanics Hands-on Factory Training

Our progressive, two-tiered approach to hands-on training embodies just that. Our experienced instructors don't just show you how – we expect our students to get their hands dirty. As the original equipment manufacturer, we know the best ways to train field technicians to maintain and repair Ariel equipment. From our smallest to largest frames, factory-trained students receive the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a compressor service technician. Each course is offered at our headquarters and runs four and one-half days.

CNG Training

With a strong focus on CNG transportation fueling and high-pressure systems, Ariel offers a specialty OEM course for mechanics and technicians who oversee the service and operations of Ariel CNG compressor equipment.

Mobile Training Lab

Mechanics - Level 1 training is available at your location in our Mobile Training Lab.  Class size is limited to six students who have completed the Online Basic course prerequisite.  Class runs three consecutive days. 

International Students

Hands-on training is available to international students as the Mechanics Training course.  Mechanics Training is offered in Brisbane, China, Dubai, and India.  Class runs four consecutive days.

Technical Training

Ariel’s Technical School is designed for those who have a basic understanding of the compression process and have a desire to advance their knowledge. Our experts from various engineering teams lead the Technical School with discussions about product and package components, and theory. The primary focus is using the Ariel7 performance software to size and optimize any Ariel compressor.  The Technical School runs for four consecutive days.


Training Tailored to Fit Your Schedule & Learning Style


Available At Our Training Center
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MTL - Offered in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
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Online Course Option Available
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Offered internationally by our regional teams.
Ariel Training Videos

Our compressor maintenance series is a suite of instructional videos developed to support and maintain Ariel reciprocating compressors. The videos are based on Ariel's Maintenance and Repair Manuals, benefiting both seasoned mechanics and those new to the natural gas industry. Developed by the same team behind Ariel's compressor maintenance training programs, the videos cover a wide range of topics and compressor maintenance tips for technicians of all skill levels.

The videos are accessible through our Members Only site and via our app on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Your Ariel Members Only Account

As an Ariel compressor owner and industry partner, you gain access to a tremendous range of resources like operator's manuals, engineering references, training, and more. Your Ariel Members Only account delivers support and knowledge to your hands, wherever and whenever needed. Register for your account today and unlock this beneficial support tool for the complete Ariel experience!

CAT/Ariel Natural Gas Compression Degree

Earn A Two Year Associates in Specialized Technology From The Central Pennsylvania Institute.


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