Ariel Natural Gas Compressors

A Sandero-owned compressor unit located in New Mexico
Designed to Run, Built to Last

At Ariel, our design philosophy revolves around providing our customers with a successful, worry-free operation. As a result, Ariel compressors run longer and require minimal maintenance, providing maximum reliability in the field, and peace of mind for operators. 

With a combination of innovative engineering, quality design, and responsive customer service, Ariel compressors are built to last - no matter the application.


Small Line: BHP Range 85 - 860

Max BHP: 280

The Ariel JGN/JGQ

A workhorse in field-gas applications, these separable reciprocating compressors are engineered to pair with high-speed engines effortlessly. The JGN and JGQ, available with high-pressure cylinders, are excellent choices for gas-lift and CNG vehicle-fueling applications.



  •  125BHP / 1,800 RPM


  • JGM: 170 BHP / 1,500 RPM
  • JGP: 170 BHP / 1,800 RPM


  • JG: 504 BHP / 1,500 RPM 
  • JGA: 840 BHP / 1,800 RPM


  • 860 BHP / 1,200 RPM

Mid-Line: BHP Range 620 - 5,520

Max BHP: 5,520

The Ariel KBK/KBT

These mid-line compressors feature a design intended to increase the internal parts' strength and are made to run continuously in the gas and oil fields. These compressors feature a wide range of cylinder options and are designed to handle standard and specialized applications.



  • 1,860 BHP / 1,800 RPM


  • 2,600 BHP / 1,500 RPM

Large Line: BHP Range 2,070 - 10,000

Max BHP: 4,140

The Ariel JGC/D

Our large line, medium-speed reciprocating separable compressors are designed to pair with electric motors and natural gas engines and engineered for applications requiring large horsepower drivers and high-compression capacity.



  • KBC: 7,200 BHP / 1,000 RPM
  • KBD: 7,200 BHP / 1,200 RPM
  • KBF: 7,200 BHP / 1,400 RPM


  • KBU: 7,800 BHP / 1,200 RPM
  • KBZ: 7,800 BHP / 1,000 RPM


  • KBB: 10,000 BHP / 900 RPM
  • KBV: 10,000 BHP / 750 RPM

Application-Specific Compression


Process, Refining, and Chemical Compressors

Ariel draws on decades of moderate-speed compression design and manufacturing to back our dependability in refineries and chemical plants. Any size Ariel reciprocating compressor can be specifically assembled for your application and process, calling for a rod load up to 10,000 lbs.

CNG Compressors for Vehicle Fueling

Ariel CNG compressors operate in fueling stations for natural gas vehicles (NGV) around the globe. In over 100 countries, Ariel has built a reputation for safe, rugged, and long-lasting equipment.

Ariel CNG compressors are designed with component accessibility and service in mind to reduce maintenance time and expenses.

Compressors Manufactured since 1966
Manufactured In the USA
Cylinder to Frame Combinations
icon of a combination wrench
Engineered with Mechanics in mind

Unmatched Customer Support


Ariel is committed to supporting our compressors for life. We pride ourselves on the manufacturing practices and engineering support behind our world-class compression technologies. Through unmatched customer service and a global distribution network, Ariel will provide the best-in-class compression solutions that reduce downtime and improves application performance. 

Ariel service personnel are available 24/7, 365 days a year. With over 60,000 compressors in service throughout the world, there's an Ariel distributor or parts supplier that is never very far away.

Industry Best Warranty


Ariel offers the most comprehensive and generous warranty in the industry. Our standard warranty covers 100% of the compressor for 12 months from start-up or 18 months from shipment. 

The crankshaft, connecting rods, crankcase, crossheads, and crosshead guides are covered for 36 months from shipment. In addition, Ariel offers an extended warranty for any Ariel compressor utilizing 100% Genuine Ariel Parts.