Parts Enhancements

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Genuine Ariel Parts Features & Updates

Ariel brings the same quality and attention to our parts as we do to our compressors. As we release new innovations, we always make sure you are able to upgrade your existing field compression. As older part types become obsolete we make sure the innovations are backwards compatible. Because of this, a 50-year-old compressor can run with the same reliability as a new unit shipped from our factory.

Our great products are only exceeded by our legendary service. The Ariel Response Center and Parts Teams are happy to assist compressor owners to provide compressor solutions.

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CP/CPs Valves

Ariel Parts

CP/CPs Valves have become the world standard for reliability and efficiency. Learn more and find out CP/CPs can upgrade your operations.

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Enhanced Lubrication

Ariel Parts

Oil is the lifeblood of an Ariel compressor. We have a variety of innovative products available to deliver the precise amount of lubrication, not too much or too little.

An ariel spin-on oil filter on a white background

A-0661 Spin-On Filter

Ariel Parts

The Genuine Ariel A-0661 filter captures dirt efficiently down to 5 microns, giving you better than industry-standard protection.


Ultra Low Packing

Ariel Parts

Ariel’s Uncut Ring Technology eliminates the leak paths of conventional segmented rings while also generating less frictional heat, resulting in superior performance.