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An employee looking into a mill while it sprays coolant and machines an Ariel part
OEM Quality Assurance

Ariel Genuine OEM compressor parts utilize the highest quality materials, designs, and production methods. Rest assured, Ariel parts are the world standard. But can you be sure Ariel manufactured the parts you purchased? Fortunately, all Ariel Distributors sell only genuine OEM parts, and it is easy to tell an OEM part from a phony. Major components of an Ariel compressor can be identified in several ways.

Ariel genuine OEM compressor parts are identical to the parts assembled in each new Ariel compressor, and they are manufactured with quality at every turn. An Ariel component's surface is free of burrs, rough edges, and other imperfections, keeping mechanics hands free from injury. Precision tolerances and finishes are also a trademark of Ariel quality, ensuring your compressor operates to peak performance. With high-grade, anti-corrosive Ariel blue paint applied to protect your compressor from corrosion and other damaging elements.


Identifying Key Parts





Bearings & Bushings


High Tech. High Performance.

Numerous high-quality features are more challenging to detect but are integral to Ariel's quality. Ariel piston rods have necked down, rolled threads; don't settle for lesser "cut" quality. Piston rods and cylinder bores undergo ion-nitride treatment for long service life. Genuine Ariel Parts are more than replacement parts. From routine maintenance to overhauls to reconfigurations, Ariel and our distributors offer the know-how and technology to keep your compressor running like new.