Software & Apps

Ariel-developed Digital Tools for Peak Performance

Applications to Maximize Your Compression Performance

Ariel offers an assortment of software programs designed with our customers in mind. These applications give you decision-support capabilities to maximize your compression efficiency, performance, and reliability. 

Our digital offerings include a comprehensive desktop sizing software solution that will enable users to fine-tune the selection and analysis of new or existing compression projects. Additionally, a mobile app allowing customers to pinpoint an Ariel frame, cylinders, and flow requirements; an instructional compressor maintenance video app; our fastener torque guide app – Ariel provides the tools you need, when and where you need them.

Ariel Performance Program

For customers needing assistance with purchasing a new compressor or components can utilize the Ariel Performance Program. The desktop sizing software solution operates within a wide range of applications and conditions to assist you in your compressor or component selection – ensuring that you are always getting the best performance obtainable from your Ariel compressor.


Mobile Apps


Ariel Torque App

Mobile Apps
Use this electronic companion to Ariel’s Engineering Reference Torque documents to quickly and conveniently determine the proper fastener torques for your Ariel compressor.

Training Videos App

Mobile Apps

The Ariel Training Video app is a suite of instructional videos developed to assist mechanics that support and maintain Ariel reciprocating compressors.

Ariel 7-2 Go

Ariel Support

Ariel 7-2Go is a one-of-a-kind mobile program giving customers the ability to pinpoint the frame and cylinders designed to satisfy their target horsepower and flow requirements.