Ariel Quick Size


Ariel Compression Sized Quickly! 


Download Ariel Quick Size to unleash logic that brings your compression need into focus. Ariel Quick Size calculator functions as an electronic horsepower wheel and date finder with enhanced features and productivity. Find which Ariel frame and cylinders will get you where you need to be.


Key Features


Simply input your suction and discharge pressures and flow requirements into Ariel Quick Size to get an estimate on needed horsepower or flow (based on user preference.) Next, estimate an Ariel compressor configuration that fits your needs. Ariel Quick Size estimates the required stages, bore sizes, discharge temperatures, and rod loads needed for your specific application. Ariel Quick Size captures this information – allowing you to e-mail your results to Ariel or yourself for further review.

  • At-a-glance Basic Frame Data (replacing the Ariel Data Cards)
  • Target Horsepower or Gas Flow Estimate
  • Compressor Frame and Cylinder Configuration
  • Input Gas Specific Gravity
  • Work in either English or Metric units
  • E-mail the preliminary selection to yourself, Ariel, or others from Ariel Quick Size

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Our service and support teams are at the ready with 24/7, real-time support for your compression project.