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Ariel 7

Need technical assistance with purchasing a new Ariel compressor or components for your project? The Ariel Performance Program (Ariel7) can be utilized within a wide range of applications and conditions to aid you in your compression solution.

Ariel's Performance Program is an optimization tool that can also be used to reconfigure and enhance your existing compressor's set-up, ensuring that you are always getting the best performance available from your Ariel compressor.


Ariel's Performance Program Includes the Ariel Application Manual and Databook, and Other Features:

  • An easy to use interface
  • A robust gas properties program, allowing for the estimation of interstage water and hydrocarbon dropout
  • Compressor selection and performance prediction
  • Multi-service and multi-stage compressors
  • A case manager and packager manager for the evaluation of multiple operating points and multiple-unit selections
  • Adjust-to-flow and adjust-to-load calculations
  • Frame and cylinder data sheets
  • Extensive report generation features
  • Calculation of crank-effort and mass elastic
  • Standard comments and exceptions to API and ISO specifications
  • Access to equipment outline drawings and gas passage data
  • Multi-run calculations with compressor performance plots
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Ariel Performance Software is an intuitive Windows-based application designed for the selection of new gas compressor configurations or the evaluation of existing configurations and is available to Ariel Members only. Click on a button below to login or to request an account. Signing up for an account allows you access to valuable information and software available only to Ariel members.


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