Fastener Torque Specs at Your Fingertips


The electronic companion to Ariel's Engineering Reference Torque documents, this new app allows you to quickly and conveniently determine the proper fastener torques for your Ariel compressor. As a bonus, the Ariel Torque Guide also provides you with easy access to Genuine Ariel Parts, sales, and emergency support contact information.

Torque values within the app can be accessed without cellular service or Wi-Fi, giving you access to comprehensive Ariel information and support anytime, anywhere. The Ariel Torque Guide mobile application is a vital tool in Ariel Corporation's mobile support line-up, available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


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Key Features
  • Find torque values based on your compressor model, fastener location, and fastener type for the compressor you are working on
  • Access torque values while working in remote locations
  • Easily access Ariel Customer Support information
  • Conveniently link to technical support documentation on the Ariel website
  • Automatically update when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data

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