Ariel 7-2 Go


Mobile Performance Program App


Ariel 7-2 Go is a one-of-a-kind mobile program that gives customers the ability to discover the Ariel frame and cylinders capable of meeting their target horsepower and flow requirements.

After a selection is made using equal compression ratios, Ariel 7-2 Go captures the information, allowing users to email their results to Ariel or themselves for further review. With the calculations in hand, the data can be imported into the Ariel Performance Program (Ariel7) – taking a concept from the preliminary estimate to a finalized project.

Download Ariel 7-2 Go from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store today and start sizing your project!


   Key Features

  • Create a preliminary selection anywhere you go
  • Input parameters such as pressures, temperatures, speed, and gas type
  • Switch between specifying a target horsepower or target flow
  • Provides a quick estimate of flow and/or power, replacing the various horsepower slide rules and wheels
  • Work in either English or Metric units
  • Vary the applied RPM to match a specific driver
  • Review calculated values such as discharge temperature, bore size, and rod load
  • Provides the user basic frame data, similar to the Ariel Data cards

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