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  • Genuine Ariel Parts Identifier Guide

    Learn about Ariel's world class quality & support and how to properly identify an authentic Ariel part.


    Parts Identifier QA  
    The major components of an Ariel compressor can be identified in a number of ways. Primarily, the surface finish of an Ariel component is free of burrs, rough edges and other imperfections. Precision tolerances are also a mark of Ariel quality. High-grade, anti-corrosive Ariel blue paint is used and applied in a smooth consistent manner. Ariel piston rods and cylinder bores undergo ion-nitride treatment for long service life. As well, look for necked down, rolled threads on Ariel piston rods; don’t settle for lesser “cut” quality. Genuine Ariel Parts - more than replacement parts. From routine maintenance to overhauls to reconfigurations, Ariel and Ariel Distributors offer the know-how and technology to keep your compressor running like new.

    Identifier Guide Valve


    Identifier Guide Valve


    Manufactured to Ariel’s exacting engineering specifications, genuine Ariel valves are designed and field-proven to perform in a wide range of operating conditions. Supporting the adaptability of your compressor, genuine Ariel valves are available in thousands of combinations of plate, ring, actuated and concentric valve design. Paired with proprietary X Blend non-metallic sealing elements, superior metallic plates and high quality springs, genuine Ariel valve components lead the industry in reliability and efficiency.


    Identifier Guide Packing
    Identifier Guide Packing

    BTUU - Proprietary Uncut Packing Ring Technology

    Designed to last longer and operate with extremely low fugitive emissions, BTUU uncut ring technology utilizes Ariel’s unique "necked-down" piston rod design, which allows for the installation of uncut ring sets. Uncut ring technology replaces radial cut back-up rings in Ariel’s standard ring set. By eliminating the leak paths associated with conventional segmented rings, BTUU ring sets generate less frictional heat and improve gas flow sealing. Identified by the two uncut sealing rings, BTUU packings offer operational efficiency and reduced maintenance cost for your Ariel compressor.





    Designed to support the integral running gear of an Ariel compressor, genuine Ariel bearings and bushings are manufactured with versatile materials to exacting dimensions and crush points. Genuine Ariel main bearings are stamped with a frame outline, and rod bearings marked with a conrod outline.


    Genuine Ariel Parts are prepared with product specific packaging and comprehensive international documentation. This all-inclusive approach to shipping allows for safe and timely delivery both domestically and across borders. Ariel Genuine Parts can come packaged inside bags labeled with a blue Ariel logo and with a printed barcode label featuring the Ariel logo as well.