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  • General Information

    Ariel offers a variety of classroom training courses, primarily at our Training Center in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Ariel training is available to our industry partners at no cost. Open enrollment for classroom training is available through the Ariel Connect Training Portal. The Basic Product Training course is available as a classroom option and as a online eLearning course (available through Ariel Connect).

    Students can select "Wait List" if a class is at full capacity. The Ariel Connect system will automatically enroll the next student on the wait list if a seat becomes available. Note: students confirmed for a session cannot enroll for the same class on a different session date.

  • FAQ's

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    You can view complete course descriptions, class schedules and register for open enrollment classes by visiting the Ariel Connect training portal. All Ariel class registration is accomplished through the Ariel Connect Training Portal. Each student must have an Ariel Members Only account in order to access the Ariel Connect Training Portal.

    Please be aware that Ariel classroom training sessions may have varying start and end dates, and as well class times may vary from session to session. Be sure you know the details of your particular session.

    Seating is limited in each of our course offerings and to offer a fair participation to all customers, we ask that no more than two students from each company be registered for the same training session.

    Students can select "wait list" when registering for a course that is at full capacity. If there is a cancellation, Ariel Connect will automatically register the next student on the wait list. (Please note: students who are registered and confirmed for a course cannot select to be wait listed for the same course that is offered at a different date.)

    You can withdrawal from a class by going into your Training Transcript in Ariel Connect. Select the down arrow in the Training Details box and choose "Withdraw."

    You can contact us directly with your request at:  or call 740.397.0311, Ext. 1416.

    Ariel training is available to our industry partners at no cost. The expenses and arrangements for hotels, transportation, meals, etc., are the student's and their employer's responsibility.

    The dress for all Ariel Training is casual (jeans). Ariel will provide safety glasses and hearing protection for all students, but full coverage leather walking shoes are required. Canvas and athletic type shoes are not permitted.

    Please Note: Students attending all levels of hands-on mechanics training are required to provide steel-toe shoes or boots and wear during lab training.

    We recommend that while attending Ariel training you stay at The Mount Vernon Grand Hotel. The Grand is a unique hotel and their staff take good care of Ariel customers. Local restaurants and bars are within walking distance and Ariel is just 3 miles south. Enjoy the downtown vibe and convenience of this local hotel. When you book your reservation mention that you are attending Ariel training to take advantage of an exclusive price offered to Ariel students.

    The Mount Vernon Grand Hotel is located at:  12 Public Square, Mount Vernon, OH 43050 Telephone: 844.700.1717

    Departing the next day? Hotel options in Columbus near the John Glen International Airport include:

    Hampton Inn800.426.7866
    Embassy Suites614.536.0500
    Staybridge Suites800.225.3297
    Days Inn614.473.9888
    Hilton Garden Inn800.445.8667
    Homewood Suites by Hilton855.277.4942

    Car rental agencies are located at on the lower level of the airport. Visit the Columbus Airport Parking & Ground Transportation web site at: Transportation and travel costs are the student's responsibility. 

    Click here for Driving Directions to Mount Vernon

    Airport Shuttles:

    Madden Transportation
    telephone: 740.507.1391; or 740.392.0790

    Local Taxi Services (Mount Vernon):

    Madden Transportation
    telephone: 740.507.1391; or 740.392.0790

    Safe Cab
    telephone: 740.397.7233

    On Demand Transportation Services:

    (download app) or telephone: 855.865.9553

    All arrangements and costs for transportation, rental car, hotels, meals outside of the classroom, and all other expenses are the student’s responsibility.
    The "Training Details" for each training sessions can be reviewed in “My Transcript” within the Ariel Connect Training Portal. Students who have registered for training can also refer to the email confirmation they received from "" indicating their course start day and time, and also the end day and time.
    Ariel may offer a letter of invitation to international students upon request. To request the letter, complete the International Travel Form (this form can also be found in the session details of Ariel Connect). You will be required to fill-in your passport number, the date of issue and expiration, and a DNI number (if applicable). Once we receive this form, and confirm your enrollment, a letter will be compiled and emailed to the student.

    Ariel does provides lunch for students (unless otherwise noted on the session information). Do you have a special diet (diabetic, food allergies, vegetarian)? We will do our best to accommodate your needs. When selecting "Assign" for the course you plan to attend, complete the dietary questionnaire in the Enrollment Section.

    It's Ariel’s tradition to host a student dinner one night during the week of training. If your spouse is traveling with you, we invite them to join us, too!

    Mount Vernon is located approximately 50 miles northeast of Columbus, Ohio. Ariel Corporation headquarters is located approximately 3 miles south of Mount Vernon, off State Route 13. The Ariel Training Center is located at 1485 Industrial Park Drive, Mount Vernon, Ohio. Students should park in the front lots at the Training Center.

    This Mount Vernon Area Map highlights Mount Vernon hotels, restaurants and other places of interest for those visiting Ariel.

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  • Product Training Classroom Curriculum

  • Ariel's Basic Product Training course is designed for those new to the industry. Successful completion of this course satisfies the pre-requisite for service technicians and mechanics wishing to attend the Ariel Mechanics - Level 1 hands-on course. Enrollment for this classroom course is available through the Ariel Connect Training Portal. This classroom version of the Basic course runs two-days, Tuesday through Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm. The Basic course is also available as an on-line eLearning option in Ariel Connect.
    Ariel's popular Mechanics - Level 1 class is available throughout the state of Texas as a "field" training option. Using our Mobile Training Lab, this "hands-on" course is available to Ariel Distributors and End Users who are experienced mechanics, troubleshooters and service technicians responsible for the maintenance and operations of Ariel compressors. A prerequisite is required. Completion of the Ariel Basic Product Training course (classroom or online version) is required. Contact our Training Administrator to schedule a class at your location, and your qualified students can assign themselves to the Mechanics - Level 1 class through the Ariel Connect Training Portal.  Class runs Monday through Thursday, 8 am - 5 pm and includes evaluation and testing for students.

    Ariel’s popular hands-on training for mechanics now includes training on a variety of Ariel compressor frames and applications. Small frame, large frame (and all those in between), the new “Mechanics – Level 1” will meet the training needs for technicians who are responsible for maintaining the operations of Ariel compressors (including CNG transportation fueling systems and high pressure systems). Ariel’s state-of-the-art training lab has capacity for a wide range of Ariel compressors, tools, and extended hands-on experience. Class runs Monday through Thursday, 8 am - 5 pm; and Friday 8 am - 12 pm and includes evaluation and testing. A prerequisite is required. Completion of the Ariel Basic Product Training (classroom or online version) is required. Qualified students can assign themselves to the Mechanics - Level 1 class through the Ariel Connect Training Portal. Former students of the Mechanics School and CNG Mechanics Training will want to contact our Training Department, or email


    Ariel's Technical School is designed for those students who understand the compression process and are responsible for sizing reciprocating compression equipment, which includes non-lube applications. Ariel Performance Software and the Packager Standards are the primary focus, and conducted by Ariel subject matter experts in engineering applications and technical services. The four-day class will count as 28 Professional Development Hours. Students who attend the full session will also be issued a certificate of participation. Enrollment is available through the Ariel Connect Training Portal - Events Calendar. Class runs Monday through Thursday 8 am - 5 pm and is offered by Ariel one time each quarter.
  • Course Topic Name of Course
      Basic Field Mechanics School Mechanics – Level 1 Technical Online Basic
    Ariel History and Product Line X     X X
    Safety   X X    
    CNG Overview          
    Compressor Package and Components X     X X
    Basic Compression Process X     X X
    API 618       X  
    Compressor Valves X     X X
    Compressor Valves (hands-on)   X X    
    Capacity Control Devices & Systems X     X X
    Capacity Control Devices - V V C P (hands-on)   X X    
    Component Alignment X X X   X
    Shaft Alignment (hands-on)   X X    
    Bolting and Torque X X X   X
    Lubrication Systems X     X X
    Lubrication Systems (hands-on)   X X    
    Divider Block System X X X   X
    Lubrication Specification       X  
    Non Lube Operation          
    Purge Systems X     X  
    Packings, Rings and Wear Bands X     X X
    Packings - Cook Compression (hands-on)   X X    
    Technical Support and Warranty X     X  
    Vibration X     X X
    Maintenance Intervals & Troubleshooting X X X    
    Software / Internet Tools X     X  
    Packager Standards       X  
    Cylinder Design       X  
    Introduction to Performance Software   X X X  
    Performance Software (hands-on)       X  
    Production and Process Compressor Designs       X  
    Accoustical and Torsional Analysis       X  
    Performance Analysis       X  
    Start-up Check List   X X    
    Failure Analysis (hands-on)   X X    
    Bearings   X X    
    Bearing Replacement (hands-on)   X X    
    Mechanical Clearances (hands-on)   X X    
    Tour Ariel Facilities X   X X  

  • Ariel Connect

    Ariel Connect is the training portal that provides Ariel's distributors, customers, end users, and industry partners with the ability to browse, search for, and enroll in Ariel’s global training offerings. Ariel requires that all students have an active Ariel Members Only account to be enrolled in any training offering. You can access Ariel Connect through the link below.

    If your company has a designated Training Manager, contact or your Ariel Regional Manager to learn how we can help you manage all of your company's training needs.

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