An Ariel Distributor

Ariel has been engineering and manufacturing the world standard in reciprocating compressors and maintenance parts for over fifty years, but we haven't done it alone. Ariel works with the best distributors in the industry, those that are also the world standard at what they do. Ariel's distribution partners support Ariel and our end user customers every step of the way.

Exterran and Ariel work together to provide compressor operators with the resources that they need. Extensive compressor experience, attention to technical detail, and top-notch customer service are what you can expect from Exterran.

Exterran has a reputation for performance and reliability that dates back more than a half-century. Enterprise-wide, they are driven by innovation and superior service – a combination that has enabled the rapid growth and repositioning as a world-class system and process company for oil, gas, water, and power.

Over the past 65 years, Exterran has evolved as an industry leader in full-service, turnkey midstream infrastructure solutions. Their secret? They combine global resources with an unmatched level of local service and support. That means from the wellhead to the pipeline, you’re dealing with seasoned professionals who excel at keeping operations running and keeping customers satisfied. Exterran delivers value through flexible contract operations, robust aftermarket services, and premium products. They help customers reduce operational and financial risk, optimize production, and monetize their fields faster. Service. Innovation. Expertise. This is where it all comes together.


Looking for available component upgrades for your compressors? Contact Exterran about new styles of valves, packing, lubrication, and other parts to help your compressor run with higher efficiency and greater durability. Upgrades like CP valves, BTUU packing, ELP running gear are the next generation of parts to modernize your compressor.

Exterran offers you a full suite of compressor support:

  • OEM Parts support and distribution
  • Technical Expertise and resources
  • On the shelf Ariel parts Inventory
  • Compressor Component Upgrades
  • Ariel warranty support