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Kentuckiana Cleanfuel

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    Learn how the Louisville, Kentucky-based CNG solutions company is expanding with the help of Ariel CNG compressors.

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    So, I became interested in CNG as an alternative fuel for M&M Cartage after a conversation with a gentleman based in Utah. He told me that I should start reading and learning about CNG. He thought it really was a good viable source of fuel other than diesel for us. So I did – I started dabbling, reading, doing a little research, and what he was telling me was right.

    My name is Don Hayden. I’m the president of M&M Cartage. M&M Cartage is a family-owned trucking company based here in Louisville, Kentucky. We have over 400 employees, about 250 trucks, over 1,000 trailers with other operations down in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee.

    I’m Alan Steiden, the president of Air Systems. We’ve been in the compressed air business for over 50 years as distributors for Ingersoll Rand and, as such, has given us the ability to work with such large customers as Toyota, General Motors, Ford, GE here in Louisville appliance park is a huge customer of ours.

    I ran into a longtime friend, Alan Steiden hadn’t seen him in a little while, and he was telling me about his business there, Air Systems, which I knew about, and I know what they do. He was talking about his future and his interest in CNG. And I said, that’s interesting because I’m kind of on the same path with you, right?

    We started formalizing our agreement and came up with the Kentuckiana Cleanfuel concept and have now had that in place, I guess a year and a half, pumping quite a bit of natural gas to our 57 existing trucks.

    We’re pumping over 100,000 gallons a month now in GGE, and that’s about 10,000 dekatherms a month of fuel we’ve consumed, and it’s been very interesting and exciting how that thing has played out.

    As we got into the natural gas business, it was very important to me to invest in the best possible suppliers. So, as we looked, we wanted to go out and see other compressed natural gas fueling stations around the country in Texas, Oklahoma, took us to Wisconsin, to Ohio, really one constant throughout all of them was Ariel on the inside in the guts. Very reliable, great reputation in the industry, and that’s what led us to Ariel.

    At Air Systems, we have over 15 service technicians, some of them with varying levels of experience and expertise, but reciprocating compressors is something our senior technicians really enjoy working on, and Leo Dauby is our senior field service manager, a great aptitude for working on reciprocating compressors.

    This is my thirty-eighth year of working on air compressors. I started out in 1978 and was fairly young, didn’t know a whole lot about compressors, learned a lot over the years, did a lot of work on reciprocating compressors and also rotary screw compressors as well but was very fascinated when the owner of our company, decided to get into the CNG business, and he started talking about Ariel compressors. As far as I’m concerned, of all the reciprocating compressors that I’ve worked on over the years, is very, it’s really a very simple design. It’s very compact, but at the same time, it’s very functional. The parts are fairly easy to get to. They’re not big and heavy. They’re fairly light because it’s a small actual compressor, very short stroke, high RPM compressor which moves a lot of volume, so it’s perfectly designed for the natural gas industry, but, as far as working on the unit, it’s very easy and actually pretty enjoyable.

    Part of the CNG and the fear that I had was how well the drivers would perceive this. That was, ended up being no issues at all.

    I did not lose any drivers because of our CNG trucks. They were all well perceived. It went a lot smoother than I would have ever anticipated.

    Driving a diesel truck, the first thing you notice is it’s louder than a CNG. CNG trucks are very quiet; they kind of have a hum to them. The fueling process is different. It’s cleaner. You don’t have to worry about diesel fuel. When you’re fueling a CNG, it’s just like a fire hose nozzle that connects to the truck and fuels the truck.

    Between CNG and diesel, I definitely prefer the CNG. Again, overall, it’s clean, it’s quiet, very smooth ride, and I just love my CNG trucks.

    And I hope to see the future of the transportation industry not just make trucks but other vehicles alike switch over to CNG.

    At Kentuckiana Cleanfuel, we believe the future for compressed natural gas is very bright. As we continue to expand the stations that we have now—we have Kentucky right now; we’ll have Ohio soon, Michigan beyond that—our geography may change but the guts and heartbeat of everything we do as a fueling business is the Ariel compressor. We know we can rely on it, we know how to work on it, and we know the people at Ariel stand behind it 100 percent.

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