Divider Valve Location Changes

Divider Valve New Location Image

Divider Valve Location Changes for: JGM/2, JGP/2, JGN/2, JGQ/2, JG/2, JGA/2, JGR/2, JGJ/2

Ariel is relocating the divider valve assemblies on two-throw compressors with Piston rod diameters of 1.125” and 1.5” to the top of the aux end cover. The two images below show the previous and new locations typical for the divider valve and pressure gauge. The change may effect packaging by moving the location of no-flow shutdown devices.
The advantages of this change are:
  • New tubing routes allow better access for maintenance, especially access to the lube oil pump.
  • Simpler, standardized tubing routes.
  • Gauges will be located under the blocks for protection.
  • Up to 6 blocks can be used on JGM/2, JGP/2, JGN/2, & JGQ/2. Previously, the limit was 4 blocks.
Prior to this change, for the JG/2, JGA/2, JGR/2, & JGJ/2 the divider valve placement varied depending on the number of blocks and occurred either on the upper or the lower portion of the aux end cover. For the JGM/2, JGP/2, JGN/2, & JGQ/2, the divider valves were always mounted low.
The cylinder configuration determines the divider valve selection, sequence, number of valves, and the assembly part number. In some cylinder configurations, the divider valve assembly part number will be unchanged, but the valves will be arranged differently. In other configurations, the divider valve assembly part number will change, along with the number of valves.
The new divider valve location configurations will begin shipping:
JGM/2, JGP/2, JGN/2 & JGQ/2 – September 17th
JG/2, JGA/2, JGR/2 & JGJ/2 – November 5th
Old Location
New Location