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    Learn about Ariel Corporation in this brief overview that highlights Ariel facilities, capabilities and demonstrates why Ariel is the world leader in gas compressors.

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    Ariel Corporation manufactures world-class natural gas compressors. Ariel Corporation was founded in 1966 with the idea to produce a separable reciprocating gas compressor in the 100 to 200 horsepower range. Ariel founder Jim Buchwald started a company where quality of design and manufacturing was the top priority. This remains true today. For more than 45 years, Ariel’s traditions of quality and integrity have produced the best compressors in the world.

    Today, the Ariel compressor is considered the world standard for performance and reliability. Ariel offers 18 compressor models that can be configured for a wide range of applications. Karen Buchwald Wright continues the Ariel traditions today. As CEO and president of this private family business, she takes pride in Ariel’s leadership position and has a clear vision of Ariel’s future. Ariel is located in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It is near several major metropolitan areas in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    Ariel Facilities

    Ariel has multiple manufacturing facilities and a parts and distribution center in Mount Vernon. Ariel’s sister company, Stand Jig Boring Service, also manufactures Ariel parts in Akron, Ohio. Ariel’s world headquarters is located at 35 Blackjack Road. This facility is also home to design engineering, applications engineering, training, machine shop, test stands, and medium and large line compressor assembly. Ariel’s Granville Road plant is where reciprocating parts and compressors are machined, assembled, and run-tested. Ariel’s Commerce Drive facility is primarily the crankshaft forge and machining plant. All Ariel crankshafts are finished, machined, and inspected to precise standards at this location. The Essup Park facility is Ariel’s world-class parts distribution center. Here, all Ariel spare parts orders are received, packaged, and delivered around the world. Also a part of the Ariel family is Standard Jig Boring Service located in Akron, Ohio. Standard Jig Boring Service manufactures Ariel compressor parts as well as parts for the aerospace, nuclear, and canning industries.


    Ariel’s state-of-the-art manufacturing uses a cell concept where families of components are machined according to a daily schedule in a single area by highly skilled teams of employees. Parts come from the foundry in a rough state. They are then taken to be machined, cleaned, and inspected. In the inspection, every part is stamped with the machinists mark once the part meets all Ariel quality standards. Once the part gets the machinists mark, it’s ready to go to the assembly floor to be used in the compressor for which it was created. All employees have been trained in process improvement and just in time concepts. Employee input plays a large part in how Ariel components are machined.


    Assembly technicians receive the machine components and parts which they then inspect and pre-assemble before fitting into place. Each compressor is carefully assembled in Mount Vernon by personnel who work in teams around the clock to meet the shipment schedule. Ariel’s compressor assembly areas have individual work cells with all required tools and standard hardware at hand. After assembly, each Ariel compressor undergoes a four-hour run test to verify operational quality. After the run test, a mechanical inspector performs a thorough inspection of the entire machine and, if acceptable, proudly puts his permanent nameplate on the compressor. Ariel maintains the latest ISO certification, meaning that our designs and manufacturing processes can form to the highest quality standards. Our ISO processes ensure the correct tolerances and precise fit of all components that allow Ariel compressors to perform as specified.

    World Class Support

    Owning an Ariel compressor guarantees that a world-class support organization is always ready to serve you. Ariel personnel are available to provide routine and emergency solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ariel is known in the industry for service after the sale. Purchasing an Ariel compressor package connects you to technical personnel who are experts in the compression industry. Ease of maintenance is designed into each compressor, and Ariel provides a comprehensive and generous warranty on all its products.

    Ariel’s Product Training Center

    Ariel products training takes place at our world headquarters and is available exclusively for Ariel customers and their employees, Ariel distributors, packagers, and end users. Ariel Corporation offers comprehensive in-house product training to meet our customers’ needs. We offer the basic product and compressor mechanics courses for personnel that need to know compressor theory, operations, and maintenance. Ariel also offers technical and process compression courses that cover compressor design, operational guidelines, and include comprehensive training in the use of the Ariel performance program. Ariel training has a dedicated lab where you can work on Ariel equipment. During training, you’ll meet and collaborate with technical personnel from across the company who can answer your questions about Ariel compressors and compression.

    We welcome your interest in Ariel Corporation. Call us at our headquarters in Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA (888.397.7766). Challenge us to solve your gas or pipeline problems. We guarantee you’ll talk with somehow who knows your business. Then you’ll discover why Ariel compressors are the world standard.