Upstream Applications

expansive view of an upstream facility featuring blue ariel compressors
Upstream Overview

Ariel upstream compressors are designed to provide operational reliability for the exploration, recovery, and production of underground or underwater oil and gas fields – Ariel compressors enhance production, gathering, or capturing sources of bio-methane.


Ariel Upstream Applications


Acid Gas Injection

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Natural Gas Gathering

Air & Nitrogen injection

Landfill (Biogas)

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Ariel compressors manufactured for processing, pipeline, and storage applications, deliver high-efficiency.

Downstream & Refinery


Moderate speed compressors operate continually for refining, petrochemical, and hydrogen projects.

CNG For Vehicle Fueling


Ariel offers a product line of fast-fill CNG compressors for public and private fueling stations.

Ariel Compressors


Ariel compressors run longer and provide maximum reliability in the field.